Thursday, July 5, 2012

All I ever wanted was the world. [Closet Post]

I finally decided to sort out my accessories! Most of this was brought about by the fact that I have been buying way too many new accessories since I've been working at the local Mall. I have found a very bad habit.

I found tutorials to turn old picture frames into accessories holders, which gave me the chance to be all creative and stuff since I haven't gotten the chance to be in ages.

New necklaces!

I am also a bracelet fiend. Stones and charms are a big thing for me, and pretty much anything with 'karma' on it-- and religious imagery, which is apparently really popular these days.

My storage for my bracelets! I really have no better idea as to what to do with bracelets and how to store them short of a tangled pile in a shoe box, haha.


My new purse-- my old vintage one was falling apart at the seams-- literally. And I would really like for it to last longer since I won't be using it every day now that I have a second purse!

And a purchase I have never made in the past... I found these for $12 and my size! Which is not something that's easy to find at a size 5 foot, haha.

All found second hand except for the jacket from Wet Seal which was on sale for $5!

And my biggest brand weakness, H&M, I love their dresses because they actually fit my shape better than any other clothing brand I've ever purchased from! $20 for this Sparrow dress.

And the very last item from Claire's Boutique! All in all I spent about $150 dollars on everything-- inclusive of 99% of the jewelry at top. Claire's is currently running their 10 for $10 sale, everything originally priced under $10 is now only a dollar!

Alright, I'll stop harassing everyone with a ton of images!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Sale

I am currently attempting to sell a few of my Lolita pieces. Unfortunately with the moving process and being so far from my old, amazing community, I just can't find the will to wear my Lolita stuff. I'm hoping to buy a few pieces later one once I've settled in and gotten a job, but until then I can't just let it sit around and collect dust.

My first item for sale is this polka-dot tiered Angelic Pretty skirt in pink. It's gorgeous and really full, great for a fairy kei look, a full Lolita look, or even dressed down for a more casual coordinate. I've worn it only once-- to a conventiton and that was it. Selling it for $150 shipped within the United States.

I also have this Dream of Lolita Sugary Carnival replica JSK + the matching headbow. Unfortunately I bought this replica a second time in hopes that the small would fit me better than the medium, but even the small is too long on my 5'0 frame. This picture is from DoL as the JSK is still in it's garment bag from the shipping process. JSK+headbow is $75 shipped within the United States.

And finally this beautiful Innocent World JSK, this is the hardest piece to sell because I love the fit of it, but I don't wear it enough. It's $150 shipped within the United States.

Please contact me with any questions, I can provide further proof pictures if necessary. I'm willing to haggle [a bit] and willing to take payment plans as well with a nonrefundable down-payment.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Comfort and a lack of planning [OOTD]

Every excuse to wear my new Litas! I wore them on a walk around Downtown Saratoga and was completely surprised by the lack of pain! I'm so used to be heels being the most painful decision I make, fashion-wise.

Today's outfit shots! Something a little bit more classy/comfortable for running around in the warm sun and it's chilly wind.

Accessory shot, I can't remember at all where I got either of these from, sorry!

I believe the bracelets are from Kohl's~.

Another shot I particularly like, even though the vintage effect completely washed out the colors.

And last but not least, my make-up for the day. Nothing special, something a little bit more toned down in the heat.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

You say Y-E-S to everything. [OOTD]

I swear I always look so angry!

Dress is H&M, shoes are Rocket Dog

Just an outfit for the heat and running around in the summer to get gardening supplies.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

I have moved once again! This time from Portland, Oregon to Saratoga Springs, New York. And in doing so I had to donate a lot of excess clothing and personal stuff. So I'm starting from scratch in nearly every aspect of my life!

The road trip across the country was amazing-- but it went extremely quickly despite the fact that Shane and I were in the car for nearly 48 hours. We stopped only once, overnight in Iowa.

It's so interesting on the East coast in comparison to the West, I discovered it the last time I visited my home in Pennsylvania about three years ago. The fashion culture seems to be less defined, and even-- in some cases-- a bit slower to come about over here on the East. Whenever 'scene' was a big fad [one I completely bought into] I garnered a lot of looks coming back here about four years ago with my big hair and raccoon eyes-- as if people had never seen it before.

Now, I don't speak for every area on the East coast, I've not been to every city or even every state on this coast, but I am surprised to see no understanding of the word 'hipster' short of it's likeness to 'hippie'.

Unfortunately because of my living in smaller towns and them not following current West-coast trends I seem to gather quite a few odd looks, less so in Saratoga than I did in Pennsylvania, however!

But beyond my precarious fashion situation, since I saw my mom for the first time in three or so years, she decided to buy me a few things to replace my emptied wardrobe to make up for the birthdays and Christmases we've missed together.

All in all, she spoiled me.

My first round of purchases [not including the bottom shorts]! Forever XXI and some other brand I am not sure of. The shorts though are older things I've had laying around that I'm finally getting more use out of.

An H&M romper and dress! I am in love with the romper, it's the perfect material, soft and thin for summer, and it's the first romper that I've ever gotten that fits me! I am so pear shaped that most rompers are too small on the bottom.

Another H&M dress and another romper by Guess! A bit of color for my suddenly monochrome wardrobe.

And a few other pieces, mostly thrifted and Kohl's-- I'm in love with the two vests!

This is a lot of mix stuff, I bought it when I was going through my attempt-at-hipster phase but it matches well to a lot of the darker stuff I just recently got-- which is great! I hate out-growing stylish items.

And then these babies, which make me want to die inside a little bit! My friend Johnson decided to randomly surprise me with them, the box showed up on my doorstep three days into moving into my new home. I about died. I just sat in the middle of the living room staring at the Jeffrey Campbell box in a mix of horror and excitement.

I have a hard time coordinating them but I'm learning!

And last but not least, my latest obsession:

Stockings, thigh highs, and garter belts! I absolutely am in love with them. They combine my hate of showing my legs with my love of booty shorts. I love layering them, the more I can wear at once the better.

The garters are all made by me, I was super excited to start doing a bit of sewing again even if garters are probably the most easy of items to make.

Maybe for my next post I'll try to include an OOTD and a tour of new home.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet to Classic: OotD

My outfit of the day is the first Classic coordinate I've ever put together!

JSK + Socks: Innocent World
Blouse: Metamorphose
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

I'm really excited about trying out Classic, in all honestly I'm in love with the style and am looking forwards to getting more pieces!

A shot of the back and my hair :]

Myfais :]