Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's to guilt! [Wardobe / Coordinate Post]

I've certainly let this blog fall by the wayside, my only defense is that I've been working 40+ hours a week the last few weeks in picking up the slack of my coworkers and their Spring Break needs~, but to make up for it I'm going to do a few coordinate / wardrobe pictures!

This is the Lolita half of the closet. I share a closet with my live-in boyfriend, so I try to keep the 'alternative style' clothing as separate and condensed as possible, granted he has his own Visual kei / Kodona wardrobe that borders this one.

As you can see I have two versions of Miracle Candy as it's my all-time favorite print, the skirt and the jsk in pink and black. Mint Milky Berry has just been sold [the OP just simply did not fit me]. Jewelry Jelly jsk in lavender, Milky Berry jsk in black, Dreamy Dollhouse skirt in mint, Dreamy Dollhouse replica in pink, Cherry Berry Bunny skirt in red, Bodyline skirts and various blouses.

Unfortunately these wardrobe pictures are from ages ago but I plan on reopening my Poupee girl and taking pictures of ~everything~, scary enough though I haven't used it for a year and this past year has been when my Lolita wardrobe has expanded [the past six months, really].

Many shoes, but still not the entirety: BtSSB boots, red Bodyline heels, two pairs of ruffle RHS, three pairs of heart buckle Bodyline shoes in pink and red, and lace up Bodyline shoes in mint/blue. I'm missing a pair [my newest purchase] of Lavender Tea parties.

Socks and 'extras' bin consisting of various Secret shop and Brand socks that I can't name, honestly, but I've bought about 5+ more pairs that aren't in these pictures. Again, outdated pictures are outdated.

Headbows, accessories, hats, etc. A lot of AP brand items here and a few personally hand-made.

Berets, wig bag, and parasol~.

My favorite wigs, the white braided one and my Cyperous puff-ball.

That's a crash course into the majority of my wardrobe, now coordinate posts! We'll start off with mine:

Miracle Candy coord~! I'm hoping to tie in the sax purse with striped blue socks, I just purchased two pair from Bodyline. The blouse is BtSSB, Blue striped socks are Sock Dreams, Pink striped socks are AP, Purse is DoL [I believe], shoes are Bodyline.

The Jewelry Jelly Coordinate I just got finished selling off~! All AP minus the shoes which are Bodyline and the Cinnamoroll Bag.

My newest print, Creamy Soda Pop by BtSSB, Blouse is Anna House, Socks are AP, shoes Bodyline, and purse again is DoL. I'm hoping to also use blue striped socks for this as well.

The JSK I traded my JJ Black for, Jewelry Jelly in lavender. Everything's AP minus the Blouse and Bunny, Blouse is Anna House. I'm giong to use my Secret Shop Lavender Tea Parties for this coodrinate and hopefully tie in more mint with a cardigan.

AP Dreamy Dollhouse skirt and socks, Cutsew is DreamV, Bag is an offbrand find. This coordinate is the one I'm the most unsure of, as I've just recently purchased a Lavender AP cutsew and I'd like to possibly use the cutsew and my Lavender Tea Parties, the pink striped socks shown above and using my pink Pony purse instead of the lavender one.

I'm missing my Miracle Candy skirt in pink, I swore I took a picture of it but I'm not sure where it went. I'm also waiting on Little Bear Cafe [ a replica] and one of my dream prints Dreaming Macaroon!

In other news Lindsey and I took it upon ourselves to go to the mall again in Lolita. The trip was amazing, tons of people asked for our pictures [walking past the children's center was a bad idea and we were mobbed by a track team], no one insulted us, and we even ran into a few people who knew what we were wearing! A boy who called us "L--Lolis?" and a girl who knew about Lolita but attempted to tell us it was based off of that "latin book about that child prostitute." I'm guessing she meant the Russian-American novel by Vladmir Nabokov that we're all well aware of.

Our petticoats were quite dead at this point so I'm definitely going to puff mine up by adding layers of stiff netting [I'm a puff-freak], I've already gathered it, I just need to add it in in between the layers of tulle.

And beyond all of these goings on, I've been extremely busy with this:

The Sakuracon 2011 Dragonfish Cafe Dinner meet-up. I received such an outstanding interest in the meet-up that the 20 person reservation was HALF of what we needed. Now I've got the cafe catering us in a separate dining hall. It's a bit nerve wracking because I very much stress over every little detail and I'm always worried and thinking about the worst that could happen.

But there's been so many sweet girls thanking me up and down for the work I've put in to it and over half of them have RSVP'd for certain for the $30 dollar dinner. It's a little steep but that price is inclusive of gratuity, rental fees for the dining hall, a three course meal, drinks, dessert, and tax. I'm extremely excited for all of this to work out!

Sakuracon is coming up so quickly! I can't believe it's just right around the corner. And I'm even more ecstatic to be modelling in the Fashion show again this year, for both Ridi Kitty Designs and my own Angelic Pretty coordinate. I can't tell you how excited I am for all of this!

Here's to hoping it all goes smoothly!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Costumes and Courting Danger: Discussion

I stumbled upon Lolita Charm's The Dangers Of Standing Out today and it made me recall a conversation I had about a week ago.

I was frequenting the EGL Tinychat site where the discussion of the day was photoshoots. One girl admitted that she hated photoshoots and didn't understand the point of taking a million pictures of a single outfit, I replied that a lot of people only get to wear Lolita every so often and thus it's a special occasion for them, a chance to really feel beautiful, and they should have every right to take as many pictures as they wish.

Her response was that if you're only wearing Lolita that often, then all you're wearing is a costume.

I took this pretty much to heart, because you see, I'm one of the many who only finds the chance to wear her Lolita clothing once every few weeks. And I hate it being called a "costume". Costumes are things that you buy at Halloween stores, sport on that one day of the year that everyone's out and about and trick or treating. I've had many people throw comments like "It's not Halloween yet." at me when I do venture out in Lolita, thus the word has become more of an insult to me than anything.

I know this is not how everyone views a word, but to me, and my continued exposure to that one particular insult, I cannot stand to let my fashion be referred to as a "costume."

This was not my argument with her, however, my argument was this:

I currently reside in a small town, my town does not have it's own mall, I have to drive an hour and a half to get to any department store or mall or even most restaurants [not including fast food]. I am 5 foot tall, barely, and 105 pounds. I am often mistaken for a twelve or sixteen year old rather than a twenty one year old, to the point that I've had security in multiple areas approach me to ask if I need help finding my guardian.

One day I decided to walk the half an hour to my post office to pick up a wig, it was a nice day out and I was excited to get my wig. On my way back, on the very road I live on, a car passed me and proceeded to pull off to the side of the road. It was a gentleman, car still running, window down, that asked me for directions. I was more than happy to comply but due to my own bad luck I chose to stand nearly in the center of the road to avoid being too close to this car.

He proceed to ask me more questions than I cared to answer, about my school, my age, if I had a boyfriend, did I live with my parents? Questions I attempted with less and less politeness to avoid. Eventually he attempted to encourage me to get into his car, as he could "drive me home", and I insisted that no, I was just a little ways from home, I was okay.

Eventually he drove off after seeing his insistence would get him nowhere and I ran the rest of the way home, but this all occurred while I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This happens often, any time the weather is decent enough to permit clothing that's not a giant winter coat and I choose to walk somewhere.

I argued that while I love Lolita, it is not worth my personal safety to wear it out and about when I run errands on my own [when necessary, I attempt because of the above reasons not to ever really be out of reach of someone I trust]. People are unnecessarily cruel and sometimes very terrifying. Thus I only wear my Lolita when I'm doing something of interest [travelling the hour and a half to the mall, going out to a nice dinner, etc] but due to the fact that these things happen very seldom because of the distance of these places, I do not often get to wear Lolita.

And I'm never alone when I wear it.

Unfortunately this is just the area I live in. I wish it was not.

She did not respond, but rather left the room, but the conversation has been bothering me since. I love my fashion, but not at the risk of my self, does that make me less of a person? Should I find even more ways and reasons to wear it? The fact that some stranger could instill such self consciousness in me frustrates me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This has been spammed everywhere! [BTW this is me spamming you with every social network I use]

 GothicLolitaWigs is currently holding a contest, so I decided to take advantage and did a photoshoot. 85 pictures and I had to find one which to enter, it was difficult.

This is my  entry in the contest. The photo was taken in an abandoned passenger train, all natural lighting, no photoshop <3 It was the perfect stream of light!

If you follow me on Tumblr you'll probably have seen some of these pictures, or if you're an avid watcher of Daily!Lolita but I'm going to spam you here with a different set of pictures! The only place I put ~all~ of them is my Facebook, and if you're interested in being my friend there go ahead and add me. Just let me know how you found me~.

The majority of my updates in all my social networking places is Lolita, it kind of annoys my non-lolita friends, haha.

Puffy face! My mouth was hurting from trying to smile too much for some of the photos!

People seem to like the contrast in the pictures in this set quite a bit, so here's for you~.

My boyfriend [aka Photographer] wanted me to stand on the rails, which is awful because I have absolutely ZERO balance. So this is me waving back and forth, attempting to look cool.

A bit more of a facial shot. <3

Outfit Rundown:
Accessories: Chocomint
Wig: GLW
Blouse: Anna House
Skirt + Bow: Angelic Pretty's Miracle Candy
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Bodyline Heart Buckle Replicas

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheap Finds at Shopko

So the other day my best friend went to Shopko with her mom. She found these adorable purses that she attempted to send me pictures of but the pictures were just so tiny that they didn't do the purses justice.

Today we went back to Shopko and raided!

Two ADORABLE horse purses!

We bought them to match our Dreamy Dollhouse skirts [and they were nearly too cute to resist in the first place!]

A size comparison. They're pretty HUGE.

They're legit purses with a lot more room than I've ever seen in a stuffed animal bag.

A full size wallet and cellphone easily fit in~! Also an xbox controller [picture not included xD]

There were two colors, lavender and pink, available at Shopko on clearance, originally they were 35 dollars, but I got them for 18 dollars each!

And they're both wearing tulle tutus. I'm unsure whether I want to keep it on or remove it because it's only attached with a few stitches.

Baby says byebye~!