Thursday, September 29, 2011

A downtown adventure caught in the rain.

My friend and I decided to take off on a downtown adventure when we had the same day off, I found it to be a great chance to wear a new outfit!

It was a huge amount of fun, we spent a lot of the day wandering around Burnside street, Whole Foods, and Powell's Bookstore.

We found a fabulous, fabulous shop named the Dapper Frog, however it was so expensive I was scared to breathe within the confines of it. It's a pity we are just not rich enough to afford the gorgeous stuff we found!

I'm experimenting with florals right now and I'm honestly and truly loving it. It's not something that I'm used to and even my boyfriend occasionally accuses me of wearing couches but I love it.

My outfit for the day was sadly not warm enough for the sudden showers we kept getting caught in, and us without an umbrella! I wore my scarf on my head for the last part of the day.

My two favorite new purchases are a vintage purse from the Buffalo Exchange and a pair of Vera Wang tights  that are just so cute I had to have them.

You don't get much for this evening because I spent most of the day recovering my computer but now that it seems to be up and properly running I should be able to make better, more detail oriented posts next time!

Minimum complexity of a chaotic system.

Looking back I know I hoped that moving to Portland would open up so many different chances to wear Lolita fashion, and it did, but I've failed to grasp them.

I love Lolita, I love the ruffles and lace and the rules and regulations but in living here, quite comfortably now, I can't get myself to get into my Lolita closet and dig out a coordinate to wear for the day. And that was my intention! I bulked up my wardrobe simply for the move and now I haven't worn it in months.

So I've decided to slowly sell it off and work on buying things that I've sacrificed to get the expensive name-brand things I loved. Starting with a new, updated wardrobe. The current status of my wardrobe is degraded, 7th grade tshirts mixed with a few Goodwill-purchased work-appropriate outfits. I made this decision in the same time-frame as my birthday and as a gift to myself, I started off re-vamping my wardrobe with the intention of selling off my Lolita.

And I am, and I'm relieved and happy and enjoying the ability to look at clothing at my local stores without feeling guilty over the thought that that twenty dollar shirt could be a pair of brand socks for my next coordinate.

If you're still following this blog for the Lolita, I apologize but there won't be much of that anymore, however I do plan on [also] re-vamping my blog into just a standard everyday life/fashion blog. Because I'm still learning and experimenting... just not with lace and frills.