Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minimum complexity of a chaotic system.

Looking back I know I hoped that moving to Portland would open up so many different chances to wear Lolita fashion, and it did, but I've failed to grasp them.

I love Lolita, I love the ruffles and lace and the rules and regulations but in living here, quite comfortably now, I can't get myself to get into my Lolita closet and dig out a coordinate to wear for the day. And that was my intention! I bulked up my wardrobe simply for the move and now I haven't worn it in months.

So I've decided to slowly sell it off and work on buying things that I've sacrificed to get the expensive name-brand things I loved. Starting with a new, updated wardrobe. The current status of my wardrobe is degraded, 7th grade tshirts mixed with a few Goodwill-purchased work-appropriate outfits. I made this decision in the same time-frame as my birthday and as a gift to myself, I started off re-vamping my wardrobe with the intention of selling off my Lolita.

And I am, and I'm relieved and happy and enjoying the ability to look at clothing at my local stores without feeling guilty over the thought that that twenty dollar shirt could be a pair of brand socks for my next coordinate.

If you're still following this blog for the Lolita, I apologize but there won't be much of that anymore, however I do plan on [also] re-vamping my blog into just a standard everyday life/fashion blog. Because I'm still learning and experimenting... just not with lace and frills.


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