Monday, July 4, 2011

Lolifying + Sales

This past week Lindsey, my roommate, and I got together with Katie to dress up and have fun! We planned a mini kigurumi meet-up!

We went out to Red Lobster with my other roommate and my boyfriend. It was a ton of fun and two little girls just loved watching us eat!

One of the few pictures I've managed to get of me and my boyfriend! He was happy enough to go out with a bear that night, thankfully!

The rest of the night Lindsey and I tore apart our Lolita closet to dress up Katie! The results follow:

Katie in Merry Making Party.

In Jewelry Jelly!

In Milky Berry~.

And my favorite coordinate on her, Jewelry Jelly in black.

It was so much fun and it created quite the mess but it was totally worth it! We followed up by watching Step Brothers  at 1 or 2 AM and then crashed.

The next day we had an impromptu fairy kei day, I loaned out a few things to Katie since she wasn't prepared for it, I think we all turned out adorable~!

My outfit rundown:
Sanrio Hello Kitty Ear Muffs
eBay wig
Offbrand cardigan and skirt
Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny cutsew
Angelic Pretty Angelic Pretty bow
Offbrand leggings and petticoat
Angelic Pretty Crown Logo and Jewelry Jelly socks
Angelic Pretty boston bag
Tennis shoes handpainted by Lindsey
Handmade accessories

Lindsey's rundown:
Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly headbow
Angelic Pretty ribbon jabot cutsew
Offbrand tights and skirt
Handmade lavender skirt
Baby, the Stars shine Bright and Secret Shop socks
Bodyline shoes
Chocomint accessories
Swimmer bag

It was a lot of fun, we went to Fubonn, the Asian grocery store in my area and we got a few people wanting pictures and giving us sweet compliments.

Mirror shot!

My shoes and socks~!

Two days later Lindsey and I planned on meeting up with Katie at Pioneer Square mall but unfortunately Lindsey and I ended up getting lost on one way streets due to her GPS not registering that the streets were one way. It was very scary for a while and by the time we got to the mall Katie had already gone home, but we made the best of it!

Lindsey, looking much happier not to be driving.

Myself, not being rattled at all, since it was my GPS that saved the day!

We had a lot of fun, got hit on a crazy amount by the guys at Sakura Sushi and had a lot of people compliment us and stop us for pictures on the streets of Portland. We got Gelato at Mio Gelato and spent more time outside the mall than inside it!

Outfit rundown:

Cyperous wig
Chocomint bow
Anna House blouse
Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy skirt and bow
Bodyline shoes and socks
Dream of Lolita replica purse
Handmade star clip
Angelic Pretty ring, Chocomint bracelets, 6% dokidoki ring.

It seems that I've managed to sell off 90% of my wardrobe! I've parted with the majority of my JSKs and skirts but somehow I still have 15+ blouses and cutsews. Unfortunately this has come at the worst time because I've worn lolita more in the past month than I have in the past 7 years of admiring/owning it.

Now I'm working on rebuilding my skeletal lolita wardrobe since I've managed to get a new job as an associate at Kohl's. It's not a bad job and I'm still in training but I'm happy to have one and happy to know that I can start building again!


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