Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gothic Lolita Wigs Spokesmodel Search

My entry jnto the GothicLolitaWigs new Spokesmodel contest!

If you're interested in voting, please click the link above!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Casual] Fairy Kei

So, I woke up early this morning and after making my boyfriend a delicious breakfast I decided to dress up for my day!

My full-out Fairy Kei version!

Outfit Rundown:
Mint Headbow: Handmade
White Bow: 6% Dokidoki
Wig: Cyperous
Sweater: Offbrand
T-shirt: HolleyTeaTime
Skirt + Foxtail: Handmade by me
Tutu + Leggings: Offbrand
Socks: Secret Shop

A make-up close up and accessories!
Puff bracelet is handmade by me, the ring is Angelic Pretty, and the star bracelet is Chocomint.

And a more casual look for later today and shopping, as all those accessories can get a bit obnoxious.

The shoes are hand-painted Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy print by one of my friends.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Crafting Craze

So I've been on a kick, sewing the world, it's been absolutely fun!

This is my living room. Mostly it's tulle and ribbon, the makings of a petticoat.

I really do love my new sewing machine, it's lovely.

And my tote of extra material that I've collected over the years. The pair of pants slung over the back of the chair is a pair of PJ pants that I used to work out the kinks in the settings of the new machine and adjust to using it.

I also got the chance to finish my pink pleated skirt that was lacking a zipper!

And I decided to dip-dye some fake fur and try my hand at making a fox tail, you get a weird picture of my feet and Cinamaroll with the fox tail. I think it came out cute even though the fibers aren't as smooth as the fur I should probably use instead.

My outfit for today, showing off my newest creations! Bag is from Sanrio, its Cinnamoroll, the shoes are BTSSB replicas from Bodyline, and the cardigan is something I stole from my boyfriend's closet. :] It's a very cute comfy look even though it was freezing outside!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lolita Evolution

Out of curiosity I went through and searched out my previous Lolita looks, I wanted to see what kind of evolution my look has gone through since I started.

Here's a rundown for you:

2006 - My very first foray into the Lolita fashion, thankfully everyone was very kind towards my... look. The skirt is from Fan+Friend and the blouse was something I found somewhere. I honestly can't remember much regarding the outfit itself, but the items I got were from my mother for my birthday. I am not sure where the skirt went, but I still have the rocking horse shoes!

04/2010 - I'm kind of disappointed in this look, four years later and there's still so much wrong with this outfit. I still didn't understand standard make-up and the wig could use a lot better of a style. I hosted a meet-up though and the local Lolitas were extremely sweet and kind to me. Also I slumped a lot.

         Outfit Rundown: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Blouse, Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Skirt,        Socks, and Headbow. An*Tai*Na ruffle rocking horse shoes, Sanrio Hello Kitty bag and BtSSB Usakumya, Cyperous wig.

09/2010 - This one isn't too fair for me to put, I brought my Lolita stuff to an Anime convention I was primarily cosplaying at and found myself roped into wearing my Lolita but then discovered I'd forgotten my wig and my petticoats. I knew more about  the fundamentals of Lolita but really couldn't practice them in the position I was in. The make-up was good but the wig was awful.

          Outfit Rundown: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright The Longest Name JSK, BtSSB Blouse, Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Headbow, Secret Shop Socks, and An*Tai*Na ruffle rocking horse shoes.

11/2010 - One of my favorite looks, I will always regret selling my Black Jewelry Jelly OP set, it was truly my favorite. I've learned some of the basics of wigs and accessorizing. I also learned the beauty of petticoats!

         Outfit Rundown: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly OP, mint Socks, and Headbow. Chocomint and handmade accessories, An*Tai*Na ruffle rocking horse shoes, eBay wig.

03/2011 - My entry into the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest at the time, I'm definitely more proud of my entire look by this point and feel more comfortable in it. I think the confidence shows, haha.

         Outfit Rundown: Anna House Blouse, Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy skirt and bow, Secret Shop socks and bag, Secret Shop Baby, The Stars Shine Bright replica shoes, Chocomint and handmade accessories, Gothic Lolita Wigs split wig.

04/2011 - My outfit for the Sakuracon Lolita Fashion Show, an outfit I was pretty proud of, though professional photography minus the professional touch-ups can be slightly unforgiving.

         Outfit Rundown: Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron Headbow and Skirt, DreamV Cutsew, Angelic Pretty pink striped Crown socks, Secret Shop Baby, The Stars Shine Bright replica shoes, Chocomint and handmade accessories, Gothic Lolita Wigs hime wig.

07/2011 - I've gotten better at make-up, contacts, and eyelashes. More involved in coordinating everything down to my nail polish and happier in Lolita than I've ever been. My wig styling abilities have gotten better, as this is the wig from my second picture.

          Outfit Rundown: Angelic Pretty Embroidered Cutsew, Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse Skirt and Bow, Angelic Pretty pink striped Crown socks, Secret Shop Lavender Tea Party shoes, Cyperous wig, Cinnamoroll bag, accessories are Chocomint, handmade, and 6% Dokidoki.

Sales + Lolifying Everything

So in the past few days I've been attempting to reestablish some of my Lolita wardrobe, surprisingly enough despite my selling spree I still have quite a few accessories, a million socks, and three pairs of shoes. I'm extremely happy to see this.

I'm currently looking at the replicas available for Milky Planet and Sugary Carnival as I'm in love with the prints but I know without quite a bit of saving I could never manage to purchase the real prints.


These two are the ones I'm currently interested in and I've had offered to me. I'm waiting on the responses from both of the sales people.

My boyfriend also took pity on my desperate need for a hobby and bought me a sewing machine.

It's adorable, it's only 17 stitches but it's the basics that I need to play around with while I become more comfortable with my sewing skills. I'm looking forwards to playing around with my tote of materials and my new sewing machine. I absolutely love it and my boyfriend.

Beyond all of that I'm looking to sell a jumper by Super Lovers. I originally bought it for Fairy Kei and just cannot seem to be comfortable in it because it's too long in the torso on me. I'm 5'0 tall so almost everything tends to be too long on me when it comes to rompers, jumpers, and bodysuits.

So I'm looking to part with this, this is a photo of it worn.

It's been worn by me once, shows no wear or tear what so ever. It's adorable but I just can't wear it.

I'd say it's a size Medium, stretchy, has adorable fuzzy heart pockets and a bear-ear hood. I'm looking to sell it for $60 shipped in the United States.

I'm really excited to build up my wardrobe, and now that I have a sewing machine I'll be able to make myself petticoats! That's going to be my next big sewing project, I just need to hit Fabric Depot tomorrow to do so.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Re-establishing one's self as a Lolita.

About six months ago I made the decision due to some financial hardships to start parting with Lolita wardrobe. Unfortunately from that moment on it was a downward slide into finally picking clean the bare-bones of my old wardrobe and I didn't once regret it.

Until now.

Lolita used to be a big part of my life, I inspired a few people into becoming Lolitas themselves and building wardrobes and I loved wearing the clothing and being completely done up. I hit a time when I decided I didn't love doing that anymore and I needed the money more than anything so I stopped.

But as I think about moving to New York and watch the friends I've made through Lolita continue on with their meet-ups here in Portland and think of how I will miss them. These are all people I met through Lolita and I think it's an amazing door-way into making more friends upon moving.

That and I miss the fashion desperately the more I allow myself to think about it.

Granted, in my sales downward slide I have realized that to rebuild my wardrobe I'd have to buy a few key pieces I thought I'd never part with and of course make a few big purchases.

I'm in need of petticoats, a plain white blouse, I have a million socks and shoes still, but my accessories have dwindled. And I also need to get myself jsks, ops, and skirts. I guess this is the official start of my 'rebirth' into Lolita, as Shay put it.

This was taken a year ago at the last Sakuracon, I will not be making this upcoming Sakuracon but I'm excited that I might be able to dress like this again in a few months' time.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away.

Outfit of the Day for a rainy day out.

Scarf is H&M, skirt is Max Rave, leg warmers are handmade, and purse is Vintage.

Just a quick run out to get the makings for Baked stuffed Salmon that I'm making for dinner tonight.

Gyaru Make-up Attempt

I have to admit that when I slowly filtered my way out of looks like Fairy Kei and Lolita, I started paying more attention to other Asia-based fashions like Mori and of course Gyaru, though it's almost a little funny emulating a Gyaru look when it's a lot more 'grown-up' than my normal fashion sense normally.

After a lot of YouTube tutorials and more than a few hours being horrified [and a bit amused] over Gyaru_Secrets based on Livejournal, I decided to take a shot at Gyaru make-up myself.

Honestly, I'll admit that a lot of the standard look borrows heavily from the 'Lolita make-up', but I really find the make-up very cute.

That and I absolutely love any excuse to wear my Cyperous wig, it's my baby and it's been in my possession for over two years now.

As for the style I was kind of at a loss as to what I could emulate. The shirt is from an Asian brand that I purchased long ago, the skirt is a simple black pleated number, and the heels are from Brash.

I'm aware that I can't really claim that it's "Gyaru", it's definitely more inspired-by but it would take a lot more work before I could be pleased with a "Gyaru" look.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Outfit of the Day

My outfit of the day!

The sweater is my boyfriend's, a Christmas gift I got for him from H&M, shirt is a band t-shirt for Paramore, tights from Mossimo, and the boots from Charlotte Russe.

 It's what I spent my day cooking in!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

e.l.f. Makeup Purchase Review + Outfit of the Day

Being a lover of all things decent and cheap, I've been in love with the elf makeup brand since discovering it at a local Target. Whenever I finally remembered my intention to check the online site I fell in love.

After 40 dollars, including shipping, and a seven day shipping time my package arrived today.

A three pound box of surprisingly large proportions!

I have to admit I am not a collector of make-up nor am I extremely well versed in make-up qualities, but I am always a fan of products that do what they're supposed to do.

I purchased a twelve piece brush set, I already owned two of the brushes I purchased but one of them has been destroyed by liquid latex thanks to Halloween and the other is one of my favorite brushes. The set was a twelve dollar set, a dollar a brush which is the elf standard.

A close up of the majority of the items, including some make-up remover pads, primer, liquid eyeliners, lip glosses, and falsies.

And as an extremely awesome perk from elf, I received this eyeshadow palette for free for spending over 25 dollars on my purchase. It's an absolutely great deal, especially due to the fact that I was buying individual colors before this offer came up, I spent less removing those individual colors and getting the free palette.

All in all I'm extremely happy, the brushes I have thus far opened are soft and perfect for their individual uses, the lip gloss is moisturizing and lightly tinted, and the liquid eyeliners are nice but take a bit more a steady hand than I had at the moment. I am completely happy with my purchase and my gifts, and signing up for the elf alerts has gotten me a few more free presents and an abundance of sales codes that I'm excited to eventually use!

As for the rest of my day? It's been spent inside due to quite a bit of snow and no interest in going out in the cold, but that didn't keep me from lounging comfortably around the house.

The shirt is a non-tagged Asian brand, the shorts Ben Benassi, the socks from Sock Dreams. It's a lovely comfy outfit for a day spent blogging and playing with my new make-up.

An amazing chance!

Past Month Looks

I have to admit that while I haven't been keeping up with my blog, I've still been getting dressed in the morning! Some of my more fashionable outfits were captured before I shucked them off at the end of the day!

This black shift-dress is from Forever 21, tights are from Vera Wang, and the shoes are a pair of heels I've had laying around for a long time. I admit I don't remember where they're from!

This look was a look for work at the time, the lace skirt and sweater aren't from anywhere in particular, the lace undershirt is from Kohl's and the caplet is Candies brand. The shoes are a pair of nondescript flats from American Eagle.

Another, more casual look for a day out with my friends. The only brands I know of for this outfit are the black thigh-high socks from SockDreams, a brand I am in love with.

And last but not least a more vintage look for a night out on the town. Tights are Vera Wang, the heels are by Brash, the shorts from Papaya, and the waist belt is from Romy.

I promise to keep up with my updates a bit more as I'm currently in the market for a job and have a lot of time on my hands. I should be receiving a decently large package from E.L.F here shortly that I'll be reviewing!