Wednesday, January 18, 2012

e.l.f. Makeup Purchase Review + Outfit of the Day

Being a lover of all things decent and cheap, I've been in love with the elf makeup brand since discovering it at a local Target. Whenever I finally remembered my intention to check the online site I fell in love.

After 40 dollars, including shipping, and a seven day shipping time my package arrived today.

A three pound box of surprisingly large proportions!

I have to admit I am not a collector of make-up nor am I extremely well versed in make-up qualities, but I am always a fan of products that do what they're supposed to do.

I purchased a twelve piece brush set, I already owned two of the brushes I purchased but one of them has been destroyed by liquid latex thanks to Halloween and the other is one of my favorite brushes. The set was a twelve dollar set, a dollar a brush which is the elf standard.

A close up of the majority of the items, including some make-up remover pads, primer, liquid eyeliners, lip glosses, and falsies.

And as an extremely awesome perk from elf, I received this eyeshadow palette for free for spending over 25 dollars on my purchase. It's an absolutely great deal, especially due to the fact that I was buying individual colors before this offer came up, I spent less removing those individual colors and getting the free palette.

All in all I'm extremely happy, the brushes I have thus far opened are soft and perfect for their individual uses, the lip gloss is moisturizing and lightly tinted, and the liquid eyeliners are nice but take a bit more a steady hand than I had at the moment. I am completely happy with my purchase and my gifts, and signing up for the elf alerts has gotten me a few more free presents and an abundance of sales codes that I'm excited to eventually use!

As for the rest of my day? It's been spent inside due to quite a bit of snow and no interest in going out in the cold, but that didn't keep me from lounging comfortably around the house.

The shirt is a non-tagged Asian brand, the shorts Ben Benassi, the socks from Sock Dreams. It's a lovely comfy outfit for a day spent blogging and playing with my new make-up.


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