Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lolita Evolution

Out of curiosity I went through and searched out my previous Lolita looks, I wanted to see what kind of evolution my look has gone through since I started.

Here's a rundown for you:

2006 - My very first foray into the Lolita fashion, thankfully everyone was very kind towards my... look. The skirt is from Fan+Friend and the blouse was something I found somewhere. I honestly can't remember much regarding the outfit itself, but the items I got were from my mother for my birthday. I am not sure where the skirt went, but I still have the rocking horse shoes!

04/2010 - I'm kind of disappointed in this look, four years later and there's still so much wrong with this outfit. I still didn't understand standard make-up and the wig could use a lot better of a style. I hosted a meet-up though and the local Lolitas were extremely sweet and kind to me. Also I slumped a lot.

         Outfit Rundown: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Blouse, Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Skirt,        Socks, and Headbow. An*Tai*Na ruffle rocking horse shoes, Sanrio Hello Kitty bag and BtSSB Usakumya, Cyperous wig.

09/2010 - This one isn't too fair for me to put, I brought my Lolita stuff to an Anime convention I was primarily cosplaying at and found myself roped into wearing my Lolita but then discovered I'd forgotten my wig and my petticoats. I knew more about  the fundamentals of Lolita but really couldn't practice them in the position I was in. The make-up was good but the wig was awful.

          Outfit Rundown: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright The Longest Name JSK, BtSSB Blouse, Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Headbow, Secret Shop Socks, and An*Tai*Na ruffle rocking horse shoes.

11/2010 - One of my favorite looks, I will always regret selling my Black Jewelry Jelly OP set, it was truly my favorite. I've learned some of the basics of wigs and accessorizing. I also learned the beauty of petticoats!

         Outfit Rundown: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly OP, mint Socks, and Headbow. Chocomint and handmade accessories, An*Tai*Na ruffle rocking horse shoes, eBay wig.

03/2011 - My entry into the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest at the time, I'm definitely more proud of my entire look by this point and feel more comfortable in it. I think the confidence shows, haha.

         Outfit Rundown: Anna House Blouse, Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy skirt and bow, Secret Shop socks and bag, Secret Shop Baby, The Stars Shine Bright replica shoes, Chocomint and handmade accessories, Gothic Lolita Wigs split wig.

04/2011 - My outfit for the Sakuracon Lolita Fashion Show, an outfit I was pretty proud of, though professional photography minus the professional touch-ups can be slightly unforgiving.

         Outfit Rundown: Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron Headbow and Skirt, DreamV Cutsew, Angelic Pretty pink striped Crown socks, Secret Shop Baby, The Stars Shine Bright replica shoes, Chocomint and handmade accessories, Gothic Lolita Wigs hime wig.

07/2011 - I've gotten better at make-up, contacts, and eyelashes. More involved in coordinating everything down to my nail polish and happier in Lolita than I've ever been. My wig styling abilities have gotten better, as this is the wig from my second picture.

          Outfit Rundown: Angelic Pretty Embroidered Cutsew, Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse Skirt and Bow, Angelic Pretty pink striped Crown socks, Secret Shop Lavender Tea Party shoes, Cyperous wig, Cinnamoroll bag, accessories are Chocomint, handmade, and 6% Dokidoki.


Winda Tiodang said...

WOWW looks like a doll ^^ lol.

nice post , girl! keep up the good work! god bless u in blogging world :D

come visit my blog and follow me if u want, ok? :) thank you!!! stay pretty <3

Meghan said...

I actually ADORE the 4/11 one of all of these the most. The colors are so perfect together, and your wig is flawless!
It's cool to see the evolution though :)

The-Technicolor-Phase said...

It was really fun to go back through and look at my old coordinates. The 04 one is one I really do love however the skirt I'm wearing is made of a really, really weird material. It made it difficult to want to wear, it was weirdly scratchy, haha!

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