Friday, January 27, 2012

Crafting Craze

So I've been on a kick, sewing the world, it's been absolutely fun!

This is my living room. Mostly it's tulle and ribbon, the makings of a petticoat.

I really do love my new sewing machine, it's lovely.

And my tote of extra material that I've collected over the years. The pair of pants slung over the back of the chair is a pair of PJ pants that I used to work out the kinks in the settings of the new machine and adjust to using it.

I also got the chance to finish my pink pleated skirt that was lacking a zipper!

And I decided to dip-dye some fake fur and try my hand at making a fox tail, you get a weird picture of my feet and Cinamaroll with the fox tail. I think it came out cute even though the fibers aren't as smooth as the fur I should probably use instead.

My outfit for today, showing off my newest creations! Bag is from Sanrio, its Cinnamoroll, the shoes are BTSSB replicas from Bodyline, and the cardigan is something I stole from my boyfriend's closet. :] It's a very cute comfy look even though it was freezing outside!


Meghan said...

This is super cute! And makes me want to sew! :D

The-Technicolor-Phase said...

Sewing is always a good idea :]]] Thank you!!

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