Friday, January 20, 2012

Gyaru Make-up Attempt

I have to admit that when I slowly filtered my way out of looks like Fairy Kei and Lolita, I started paying more attention to other Asia-based fashions like Mori and of course Gyaru, though it's almost a little funny emulating a Gyaru look when it's a lot more 'grown-up' than my normal fashion sense normally.

After a lot of YouTube tutorials and more than a few hours being horrified [and a bit amused] over Gyaru_Secrets based on Livejournal, I decided to take a shot at Gyaru make-up myself.

Honestly, I'll admit that a lot of the standard look borrows heavily from the 'Lolita make-up', but I really find the make-up very cute.

That and I absolutely love any excuse to wear my Cyperous wig, it's my baby and it's been in my possession for over two years now.

As for the style I was kind of at a loss as to what I could emulate. The shirt is from an Asian brand that I purchased long ago, the skirt is a simple black pleated number, and the heels are from Brash.

I'm aware that I can't really claim that it's "Gyaru", it's definitely more inspired-by but it would take a lot more work before I could be pleased with a "Gyaru" look.


Meghan said...

Wow! This is a super cute look! And your eyes in that one picture are like freaking huge o__o That's amazing haha! Cute wig too :D

kawaiibaka chan said...

hehe gyaru style is a HUGE uproar here in japan you look kawaiii <3

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