Thursday, December 1, 2011

I can't be your prince, though your secrets are safe.

New outfits make my day [or my night]. I haven't slept yet but I figured I'd have a bit of fun dressing up before doing so.

A little superfluous maybe.

Skirt is a dark purple number with a bow on the front that is damned near impossible to catch on my camera, I got it at Forever 21.

Blouse is from my workplace.

My heels are my standard Rocket Dog wedges which I absolutely love.

I have to say that I really must get myself a tripod if I'm going to keep this up.

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  Chaotic Dynamics: Sensitivity to initial conditions.

Or hype this particular one.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flights of fancy.

My boyfriend took me shopping yesterday for an early Christmas gift and I was surprised to find so many lovely things!

Dress is from Forever 21
Tights from Mossimo / Target
Wedges are Rocket Dog
Beret from White Stag

I wanted to go for a look that was a little bit more body conscious and fashionable, and ended up just having fun and throwing random things on.

My looks are all on my LookBook, available here! Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Such is the flavor of Cotton Candy

Fairy Kei! I have to admit that when I signed up in the contest for's model search I wasn't really as deep into Lolita and Fairy-kei as I had been in the past. I have sold so much of my Lolita stuff that I knew I couldn't possibly get a position as strictly a Lolita model, but she was also looking for Fairy-kei models!

I was super excited to get an email saying that I'd made the cut and would be receiving items in the mail!

I'm really in love with the items she sent me. This Carousel necklace being one of them. The necklace is made of thick plastic and the horse itself is extremely detailed for such a small piece!

I also received this Panda ring, a lavender whipped cream dollop ring, and a pink whipped cream dollop ring. The Panda is made of the same sturdy plastic and attached to an adjustable ring base. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm not worried about accidentally snagging it on something and breaking it.

The whipped cream is NOT made of silicone as I've seen other sellers' rings to be made of and I'm very happy for this as the ring doesn't attract dust like silicone does.

 So I happily traipsed around the house in my fairy kei outfit and took a ton of pictures of Holley's stuff. It's all so gorgeous!

The shirt is by HolleyTeaTime, it's absolutely gorgeous and vibrant and the shirt itself is super soft, stretchy, and long! Accessories are by: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, HolleyTeaTime, and Bodyline :D

I'm really in love with the stuff I received and hoping to use this as a quick slide back into the Fairy Kei fashion! I'm hoping to use my blog for more fashion-related posts, however I don't think I'm going to try to stick to one simple fashion. I'm just too all over the place for it!

Check out more things by HolleyTeaTime here!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A downtown adventure caught in the rain.

My friend and I decided to take off on a downtown adventure when we had the same day off, I found it to be a great chance to wear a new outfit!

It was a huge amount of fun, we spent a lot of the day wandering around Burnside street, Whole Foods, and Powell's Bookstore.

We found a fabulous, fabulous shop named the Dapper Frog, however it was so expensive I was scared to breathe within the confines of it. It's a pity we are just not rich enough to afford the gorgeous stuff we found!

I'm experimenting with florals right now and I'm honestly and truly loving it. It's not something that I'm used to and even my boyfriend occasionally accuses me of wearing couches but I love it.

My outfit for the day was sadly not warm enough for the sudden showers we kept getting caught in, and us without an umbrella! I wore my scarf on my head for the last part of the day.

My two favorite new purchases are a vintage purse from the Buffalo Exchange and a pair of Vera Wang tights  that are just so cute I had to have them.

You don't get much for this evening because I spent most of the day recovering my computer but now that it seems to be up and properly running I should be able to make better, more detail oriented posts next time!

Minimum complexity of a chaotic system.

Looking back I know I hoped that moving to Portland would open up so many different chances to wear Lolita fashion, and it did, but I've failed to grasp them.

I love Lolita, I love the ruffles and lace and the rules and regulations but in living here, quite comfortably now, I can't get myself to get into my Lolita closet and dig out a coordinate to wear for the day. And that was my intention! I bulked up my wardrobe simply for the move and now I haven't worn it in months.

So I've decided to slowly sell it off and work on buying things that I've sacrificed to get the expensive name-brand things I loved. Starting with a new, updated wardrobe. The current status of my wardrobe is degraded, 7th grade tshirts mixed with a few Goodwill-purchased work-appropriate outfits. I made this decision in the same time-frame as my birthday and as a gift to myself, I started off re-vamping my wardrobe with the intention of selling off my Lolita.

And I am, and I'm relieved and happy and enjoying the ability to look at clothing at my local stores without feeling guilty over the thought that that twenty dollar shirt could be a pair of brand socks for my next coordinate.

If you're still following this blog for the Lolita, I apologize but there won't be much of that anymore, however I do plan on [also] re-vamping my blog into just a standard everyday life/fashion blog. Because I'm still learning and experimenting... just not with lace and frills.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lolifying + Sales

This past week Lindsey, my roommate, and I got together with Katie to dress up and have fun! We planned a mini kigurumi meet-up!

We went out to Red Lobster with my other roommate and my boyfriend. It was a ton of fun and two little girls just loved watching us eat!

One of the few pictures I've managed to get of me and my boyfriend! He was happy enough to go out with a bear that night, thankfully!

The rest of the night Lindsey and I tore apart our Lolita closet to dress up Katie! The results follow:

Katie in Merry Making Party.

In Jewelry Jelly!

In Milky Berry~.

And my favorite coordinate on her, Jewelry Jelly in black.

It was so much fun and it created quite the mess but it was totally worth it! We followed up by watching Step Brothers  at 1 or 2 AM and then crashed.

The next day we had an impromptu fairy kei day, I loaned out a few things to Katie since she wasn't prepared for it, I think we all turned out adorable~!

My outfit rundown:
Sanrio Hello Kitty Ear Muffs
eBay wig
Offbrand cardigan and skirt
Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny cutsew
Angelic Pretty Angelic Pretty bow
Offbrand leggings and petticoat
Angelic Pretty Crown Logo and Jewelry Jelly socks
Angelic Pretty boston bag
Tennis shoes handpainted by Lindsey
Handmade accessories

Lindsey's rundown:
Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly headbow
Angelic Pretty ribbon jabot cutsew
Offbrand tights and skirt
Handmade lavender skirt
Baby, the Stars shine Bright and Secret Shop socks
Bodyline shoes
Chocomint accessories
Swimmer bag

It was a lot of fun, we went to Fubonn, the Asian grocery store in my area and we got a few people wanting pictures and giving us sweet compliments.

Mirror shot!

My shoes and socks~!

Two days later Lindsey and I planned on meeting up with Katie at Pioneer Square mall but unfortunately Lindsey and I ended up getting lost on one way streets due to her GPS not registering that the streets were one way. It was very scary for a while and by the time we got to the mall Katie had already gone home, but we made the best of it!

Lindsey, looking much happier not to be driving.

Myself, not being rattled at all, since it was my GPS that saved the day!

We had a lot of fun, got hit on a crazy amount by the guys at Sakura Sushi and had a lot of people compliment us and stop us for pictures on the streets of Portland. We got Gelato at Mio Gelato and spent more time outside the mall than inside it!

Outfit rundown:

Cyperous wig
Chocomint bow
Anna House blouse
Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy skirt and bow
Bodyline shoes and socks
Dream of Lolita replica purse
Handmade star clip
Angelic Pretty ring, Chocomint bracelets, 6% dokidoki ring.

It seems that I've managed to sell off 90% of my wardrobe! I've parted with the majority of my JSKs and skirts but somehow I still have 15+ blouses and cutsews. Unfortunately this has come at the worst time because I've worn lolita more in the past month than I have in the past 7 years of admiring/owning it.

Now I'm working on rebuilding my skeletal lolita wardrobe since I've managed to get a new job as an associate at Kohl's. It's not a bad job and I'm still in training but I'm happy to have one and happy to know that I can start building again!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Been a While

I got to admit that I haven't posted to this nearly as much as I wanted to, but I'm in Portland now! I have to say, it is amazing and I'm so happy I'm here.

Unfortunately in the process I sold nearly all of my jsks! My Little Bear cafe was first to go, followed by my Creamy Soda Pop JSK-- I wasn't fond of the material of LBC and Baby's JSKs have a tendency to be too square-cut in the bodice to fit my small bust properly.

And just recently I decided to part with my Miracle Candy set in black, I'm too much of a sweet Lolita to want to wear the black version and I still have the skirt in pink. Now I'm looking to sell off my Dreaming Macaroon skirt. It's all so weird how much I loved these prints and then fell out of love with them just as quickly.

So now I'm in the market to build my Lolita wardrobe back up and in the process parting with about 6 extra blouses / tops [funnily enough I've collected so many but I barely wear three different ones-- and I'm keeping six!]

On other news however I've been attending meet-ups like crazy and I'm just in love with doing so! It's so much fun.

Outfit Rundown:
Wig: Cyperous
Lashes: Bodyline
Contacts: PinkyParadise [Barbie Brand]
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Skirt and Bow: Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse in Mint
Socks: Angelic Pretty Crown Logo
Shoes: Secret Shop Tea Parties
Accessories: 6% Dokidoki, Chocomint, Handmade from an Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Apron

I went to the Pittock Mansion meetup that Katie held. The mansion was gorgeous and so were the grounds and thankfully it was much cooler on that day than the previous one! It was the first one I attended that wasn't in some way connected to a convention and it was so nice to see all the girls I hardly see outside of once or twice a year.

The obligatory mirror shot! They had so many full length mirrors there.

I also went to Portland Pride with my roommate Lindsey in Lolita!

Outfit Rundown:
Wig: GothicLolitaWigs
Lashes: Bodyline
Contacts: PinkyParadise [Barbie Brand]
Blouse: Anna House
JSK and Headbow: Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly in Lavender
Socks: Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly in Mint
Shoes: Secret Shop Tea Party 
Accesories: Chocomint and Handmade

Obligatory make-up shot

Portland Pride was amazing and it's a bit of a culture shock to have people approach you and instead of asking WHAT you're wearing, tell you you're an amazing Lolita. I love living in a bigger city! I've never been called gorgeous so many times in my life.

There's another Lolita meet-up coming up next weekend and I'm a bit nervous because I wanted to get something new to wear but it seems like it's going to be hard to find something in time, unfortunately. But I have some much loved prints that I should definitely show off a bit more!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gothic Lolita Wig: Hime Gyaru Style

 I took a chance and bought the GLW Hime Gyaru wig, I honestly wasn't sure about it when I looked at the stock photos because it reminded me a bit of Peggy Bundy

But quite a few good pictures posted by other buyers swayed me into taking the chance.

I received the wig today after purchasing it on Tuesday. Shipping only took three days! I'm always so impressed at the speed I receive wigs from GLW.

I was super excited to have received it today and went about immediately putting it on! Due to Lolita Charm's Review I expected the thin fringe. At first I wasn't too pleased with how the style looked on me and the part between the hime bump and the fringe was too far forwards to easily hide with a headband. So I did a bit of doctoring.

I took a bit of the hime bump and brushed it forwards [as I've done with my other GLW wigs, I'm pleased to say that any frizz issue can be cleared up by simply brushing out the curls and then separating them and curling them individually around your fingers!] the wig is incredibly thick like all of GLW's wigs and I am happy to say that after brushing about an inch of 'hime bump' forwards to add to the bangs [and move the part back to accommodate my Lolita head bows] the wig is absolutely perfect!

The hime bump is very easy to build up [I'm not a fan of HUGE bumps so it's hard to see behind the headbow] but as you can see it took very little effort to change the part enough to wear a headbow.

I don't cut wigs generally, that I leave up to my best friend so I'm awaiting her opinion to see whether to keep it side swept or to cut the fringe into it.

But otherwise I'm extremely pleased. It's incredibly easy to change up the style and as always the GLW curls are gorgeous and last through the small changes! I'm in love~~.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's to guilt! [Wardobe / Coordinate Post]

I've certainly let this blog fall by the wayside, my only defense is that I've been working 40+ hours a week the last few weeks in picking up the slack of my coworkers and their Spring Break needs~, but to make up for it I'm going to do a few coordinate / wardrobe pictures!

This is the Lolita half of the closet. I share a closet with my live-in boyfriend, so I try to keep the 'alternative style' clothing as separate and condensed as possible, granted he has his own Visual kei / Kodona wardrobe that borders this one.

As you can see I have two versions of Miracle Candy as it's my all-time favorite print, the skirt and the jsk in pink and black. Mint Milky Berry has just been sold [the OP just simply did not fit me]. Jewelry Jelly jsk in lavender, Milky Berry jsk in black, Dreamy Dollhouse skirt in mint, Dreamy Dollhouse replica in pink, Cherry Berry Bunny skirt in red, Bodyline skirts and various blouses.

Unfortunately these wardrobe pictures are from ages ago but I plan on reopening my Poupee girl and taking pictures of ~everything~, scary enough though I haven't used it for a year and this past year has been when my Lolita wardrobe has expanded [the past six months, really].

Many shoes, but still not the entirety: BtSSB boots, red Bodyline heels, two pairs of ruffle RHS, three pairs of heart buckle Bodyline shoes in pink and red, and lace up Bodyline shoes in mint/blue. I'm missing a pair [my newest purchase] of Lavender Tea parties.

Socks and 'extras' bin consisting of various Secret shop and Brand socks that I can't name, honestly, but I've bought about 5+ more pairs that aren't in these pictures. Again, outdated pictures are outdated.

Headbows, accessories, hats, etc. A lot of AP brand items here and a few personally hand-made.

Berets, wig bag, and parasol~.

My favorite wigs, the white braided one and my Cyperous puff-ball.

That's a crash course into the majority of my wardrobe, now coordinate posts! We'll start off with mine:

Miracle Candy coord~! I'm hoping to tie in the sax purse with striped blue socks, I just purchased two pair from Bodyline. The blouse is BtSSB, Blue striped socks are Sock Dreams, Pink striped socks are AP, Purse is DoL [I believe], shoes are Bodyline.

The Jewelry Jelly Coordinate I just got finished selling off~! All AP minus the shoes which are Bodyline and the Cinnamoroll Bag.

My newest print, Creamy Soda Pop by BtSSB, Blouse is Anna House, Socks are AP, shoes Bodyline, and purse again is DoL. I'm hoping to also use blue striped socks for this as well.

The JSK I traded my JJ Black for, Jewelry Jelly in lavender. Everything's AP minus the Blouse and Bunny, Blouse is Anna House. I'm giong to use my Secret Shop Lavender Tea Parties for this coodrinate and hopefully tie in more mint with a cardigan.

AP Dreamy Dollhouse skirt and socks, Cutsew is DreamV, Bag is an offbrand find. This coordinate is the one I'm the most unsure of, as I've just recently purchased a Lavender AP cutsew and I'd like to possibly use the cutsew and my Lavender Tea Parties, the pink striped socks shown above and using my pink Pony purse instead of the lavender one.

I'm missing my Miracle Candy skirt in pink, I swore I took a picture of it but I'm not sure where it went. I'm also waiting on Little Bear Cafe [ a replica] and one of my dream prints Dreaming Macaroon!

In other news Lindsey and I took it upon ourselves to go to the mall again in Lolita. The trip was amazing, tons of people asked for our pictures [walking past the children's center was a bad idea and we were mobbed by a track team], no one insulted us, and we even ran into a few people who knew what we were wearing! A boy who called us "L--Lolis?" and a girl who knew about Lolita but attempted to tell us it was based off of that "latin book about that child prostitute." I'm guessing she meant the Russian-American novel by Vladmir Nabokov that we're all well aware of.

Our petticoats were quite dead at this point so I'm definitely going to puff mine up by adding layers of stiff netting [I'm a puff-freak], I've already gathered it, I just need to add it in in between the layers of tulle.

And beyond all of these goings on, I've been extremely busy with this:

The Sakuracon 2011 Dragonfish Cafe Dinner meet-up. I received such an outstanding interest in the meet-up that the 20 person reservation was HALF of what we needed. Now I've got the cafe catering us in a separate dining hall. It's a bit nerve wracking because I very much stress over every little detail and I'm always worried and thinking about the worst that could happen.

But there's been so many sweet girls thanking me up and down for the work I've put in to it and over half of them have RSVP'd for certain for the $30 dollar dinner. It's a little steep but that price is inclusive of gratuity, rental fees for the dining hall, a three course meal, drinks, dessert, and tax. I'm extremely excited for all of this to work out!

Sakuracon is coming up so quickly! I can't believe it's just right around the corner. And I'm even more ecstatic to be modelling in the Fashion show again this year, for both Ridi Kitty Designs and my own Angelic Pretty coordinate. I can't tell you how excited I am for all of this!

Here's to hoping it all goes smoothly!