Friday, April 15, 2011

Gothic Lolita Wig: Hime Gyaru Style

 I took a chance and bought the GLW Hime Gyaru wig, I honestly wasn't sure about it when I looked at the stock photos because it reminded me a bit of Peggy Bundy

But quite a few good pictures posted by other buyers swayed me into taking the chance.

I received the wig today after purchasing it on Tuesday. Shipping only took three days! I'm always so impressed at the speed I receive wigs from GLW.

I was super excited to have received it today and went about immediately putting it on! Due to Lolita Charm's Review I expected the thin fringe. At first I wasn't too pleased with how the style looked on me and the part between the hime bump and the fringe was too far forwards to easily hide with a headband. So I did a bit of doctoring.

I took a bit of the hime bump and brushed it forwards [as I've done with my other GLW wigs, I'm pleased to say that any frizz issue can be cleared up by simply brushing out the curls and then separating them and curling them individually around your fingers!] the wig is incredibly thick like all of GLW's wigs and I am happy to say that after brushing about an inch of 'hime bump' forwards to add to the bangs [and move the part back to accommodate my Lolita head bows] the wig is absolutely perfect!

The hime bump is very easy to build up [I'm not a fan of HUGE bumps so it's hard to see behind the headbow] but as you can see it took very little effort to change the part enough to wear a headbow.

I don't cut wigs generally, that I leave up to my best friend so I'm awaiting her opinion to see whether to keep it side swept or to cut the fringe into it.

But otherwise I'm extremely pleased. It's incredibly easy to change up the style and as always the GLW curls are gorgeous and last through the small changes! I'm in love~~.


mochichan said...

that's a cute wig.

Softwarellc said...

these yellow wigs are really looks cool on you.


Poohdomness said...

Hey, no update? I had to see your pic from Sakura-con on someone elses blog

Fleur en Sucre said...

Hi I just found your blog my name is Flower and I am a french lolita

You are so cute lolita <3

Jane Loc said...

these wigs are cute!! do you pretty Gothic wigs to Gyaru wigs?? I am a big gyaru wig fan! I always get my wigs from Japnese retails like i go online to for a straight wig last month. it's pretty coool :)

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