Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's to guilt! [Wardobe / Coordinate Post]

I've certainly let this blog fall by the wayside, my only defense is that I've been working 40+ hours a week the last few weeks in picking up the slack of my coworkers and their Spring Break needs~, but to make up for it I'm going to do a few coordinate / wardrobe pictures!

This is the Lolita half of the closet. I share a closet with my live-in boyfriend, so I try to keep the 'alternative style' clothing as separate and condensed as possible, granted he has his own Visual kei / Kodona wardrobe that borders this one.

As you can see I have two versions of Miracle Candy as it's my all-time favorite print, the skirt and the jsk in pink and black. Mint Milky Berry has just been sold [the OP just simply did not fit me]. Jewelry Jelly jsk in lavender, Milky Berry jsk in black, Dreamy Dollhouse skirt in mint, Dreamy Dollhouse replica in pink, Cherry Berry Bunny skirt in red, Bodyline skirts and various blouses.

Unfortunately these wardrobe pictures are from ages ago but I plan on reopening my Poupee girl and taking pictures of ~everything~, scary enough though I haven't used it for a year and this past year has been when my Lolita wardrobe has expanded [the past six months, really].

Many shoes, but still not the entirety: BtSSB boots, red Bodyline heels, two pairs of ruffle RHS, three pairs of heart buckle Bodyline shoes in pink and red, and lace up Bodyline shoes in mint/blue. I'm missing a pair [my newest purchase] of Lavender Tea parties.

Socks and 'extras' bin consisting of various Secret shop and Brand socks that I can't name, honestly, but I've bought about 5+ more pairs that aren't in these pictures. Again, outdated pictures are outdated.

Headbows, accessories, hats, etc. A lot of AP brand items here and a few personally hand-made.

Berets, wig bag, and parasol~.

My favorite wigs, the white braided one and my Cyperous puff-ball.

That's a crash course into the majority of my wardrobe, now coordinate posts! We'll start off with mine:

Miracle Candy coord~! I'm hoping to tie in the sax purse with striped blue socks, I just purchased two pair from Bodyline. The blouse is BtSSB, Blue striped socks are Sock Dreams, Pink striped socks are AP, Purse is DoL [I believe], shoes are Bodyline.

The Jewelry Jelly Coordinate I just got finished selling off~! All AP minus the shoes which are Bodyline and the Cinnamoroll Bag.

My newest print, Creamy Soda Pop by BtSSB, Blouse is Anna House, Socks are AP, shoes Bodyline, and purse again is DoL. I'm hoping to also use blue striped socks for this as well.

The JSK I traded my JJ Black for, Jewelry Jelly in lavender. Everything's AP minus the Blouse and Bunny, Blouse is Anna House. I'm giong to use my Secret Shop Lavender Tea Parties for this coodrinate and hopefully tie in more mint with a cardigan.

AP Dreamy Dollhouse skirt and socks, Cutsew is DreamV, Bag is an offbrand find. This coordinate is the one I'm the most unsure of, as I've just recently purchased a Lavender AP cutsew and I'd like to possibly use the cutsew and my Lavender Tea Parties, the pink striped socks shown above and using my pink Pony purse instead of the lavender one.

I'm missing my Miracle Candy skirt in pink, I swore I took a picture of it but I'm not sure where it went. I'm also waiting on Little Bear Cafe [ a replica] and one of my dream prints Dreaming Macaroon!

In other news Lindsey and I took it upon ourselves to go to the mall again in Lolita. The trip was amazing, tons of people asked for our pictures [walking past the children's center was a bad idea and we were mobbed by a track team], no one insulted us, and we even ran into a few people who knew what we were wearing! A boy who called us "L--Lolis?" and a girl who knew about Lolita but attempted to tell us it was based off of that "latin book about that child prostitute." I'm guessing she meant the Russian-American novel by Vladmir Nabokov that we're all well aware of.

Our petticoats were quite dead at this point so I'm definitely going to puff mine up by adding layers of stiff netting [I'm a puff-freak], I've already gathered it, I just need to add it in in between the layers of tulle.

And beyond all of these goings on, I've been extremely busy with this:

The Sakuracon 2011 Dragonfish Cafe Dinner meet-up. I received such an outstanding interest in the meet-up that the 20 person reservation was HALF of what we needed. Now I've got the cafe catering us in a separate dining hall. It's a bit nerve wracking because I very much stress over every little detail and I'm always worried and thinking about the worst that could happen.

But there's been so many sweet girls thanking me up and down for the work I've put in to it and over half of them have RSVP'd for certain for the $30 dollar dinner. It's a little steep but that price is inclusive of gratuity, rental fees for the dining hall, a three course meal, drinks, dessert, and tax. I'm extremely excited for all of this to work out!

Sakuracon is coming up so quickly! I can't believe it's just right around the corner. And I'm even more ecstatic to be modelling in the Fashion show again this year, for both Ridi Kitty Designs and my own Angelic Pretty coordinate. I can't tell you how excited I am for all of this!

Here's to hoping it all goes smoothly!


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adorable! you have such a sweet closet.

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@Pinkzombies- Thank you ^_^

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