Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheap Finds at Shopko

So the other day my best friend went to Shopko with her mom. She found these adorable purses that she attempted to send me pictures of but the pictures were just so tiny that they didn't do the purses justice.

Today we went back to Shopko and raided!

Two ADORABLE horse purses!

We bought them to match our Dreamy Dollhouse skirts [and they were nearly too cute to resist in the first place!]

A size comparison. They're pretty HUGE.

They're legit purses with a lot more room than I've ever seen in a stuffed animal bag.

A full size wallet and cellphone easily fit in~! Also an xbox controller [picture not included xD]

There were two colors, lavender and pink, available at Shopko on clearance, originally they were 35 dollars, but I got them for 18 dollars each!

And they're both wearing tulle tutus. I'm unsure whether I want to keep it on or remove it because it's only attached with a few stitches.

Baby says byebye~!


Pinkzombies said...

awesome deal!!!

namie said...

super cute! and it's so great you were able to get them at such a good price. I love the purple one best~~

Anonymous said...

They are also super soft. Bonus ^-^

bubblegothinspired said...

Omigoodness! so cute!! I wish I could run across something that great. time to raid some toy stores! haha

mochichan said...

YAY! I have one too! thanks to you hun. >W< the really huge though. I love to cuddle with them. My baby boy loves it too. He hugs it all the time.

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