Monday, February 28, 2011

I like to drive myself crazy.

Whenever I think I've finally settled into a fashion and I'm happy with the way everything is, I stumble my way into something else that I want just as much as Lolita. I will never give up Lolita, don't get my wrong, but a lot of what I wear Lolita for is bigger occasions. I'm too over the top to be okay running errands in anything short of a puff ball wig, neon accessories, and ruffle rocking horse shoes and that's just not an easy thing to accomplish.

That said, I'm in love with Fairy Kei. Absolutely horrifyingly in love with it. I use tumblr to collect images of the cutest coordinates, drive myself crazy looking for vintage t-shirts for My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite and Carebears, only to never buy a thing. I cannot commit to buying items that are over 75% less than what I spend on Lolita.

Why is this? Why do I find myself incapable of spending thirty - fifty dollars on a few items when I can drop three hundred on a single dress?

Is there such a thing as having a Japanese Fashion lifestyle?

Living in Portland will make it easier to wear things like this, I'll be out doing things instead of confined to my tiny little place, but I'm having a horrid time encouraging myself to BUY things while I have the funds to do so. The greatest appeal is the mass amount of skirts that I can hand make. Spending five dollars on material to make an adorable skirt is more enticing than putting two hundred dollars up for a JSK.

I guess the most difficult issue I run into is the fact that I don't even know where to start, what to buy. I'm floundering where I don't in Lolita. I know what's a deal and where to get the best things, but for Fairy Kei I'm at a loss as to where's the cheapest, what's the best, who can I buy from without using an shopping service?!

Ooh please can I just live in Japan and be poor?


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