Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drama & Dreams

So, the past few days have been full of ups and downs, but I received my mint wig from CosplayWigsUSA and it matches perfectly with my mint Milky Berry OP. I don't have pictures on hand of the wig itself or the comparison shots I want to do, but I do have updates!

Last week I bought my friends an altered Fruits Parlor skirt and a Meta Blouse from a seller who was in an emergency monetary situation. I received the items rather quickly, but unfortunately they arrived moldy.

This is the post describing everything, as I've told this story to... quite a few people and I just can't type it out again.

Other than that I paid off my Dreamy Dollhouse skirt.

I'm really excited to be getting this as now I can do a replica versus Brand comparison post for the same print!

And due to all the above mentioned drama, my buddy bought me the Miracle Candy jsk and headbow, eventually I'll be paying her back for it but she was a doll to lend me the money when it came up on the comm.

Whenever I received my Miracle Candy skirt in pink, I fell absolutely in love with the print. Before owning it I had thought it was super cute and all, but once it was in my hands I just couldn't help but WANT more of it! So I'm super excited, especially as this is my ~dream~ colorway!

Other than this I've discovered that all of my dresses coordinate with either mint or pink and that's what I'm going to purchase between now and Sakuracon as far as accessories and shoes go. I'm attempting to cut my spending a bit as to what I need to complete some of my outfits for convention, so I'm excited that it's going to be so simple!

In other news my Clobba order is being shipped as we speak, unfortunately Dream of Lolita missed one of the purses in the order, so the Clobba associate said they'll be sending it out separately from the rest of the package, but completely for free, which was very nice of them! Whenever I receive the package I'll be happy to share with you guys!


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