Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Torn; JJ OP versus JJ JSK

I've got an issue in mind that I'm coming to you with. I'm looking for whatever opinions and feedback I can get.

I own this set

My best friend owns this set
She's been in love with my black OP for ages now, and ever since she's gotten her lavender JSK, she's been asking if I'd think about trading. And I have, quite a bit, but I'm still at a loss! So I've come to you for help. Here's my pros and cons.


- The lavender JSK fits me better because I have a small bust measurement and tiny shoulders, which means my OP doesn't fit me as well as it could, it tends to gape in the front if I move the wrong way.
- I like my black OP but ever since wearing it to Akicon, I can't help but feel like I've fallen out of love with it.
- I feel I look better in lighter colors.
- I have a pair of mint JJ socks that I'd be happy to coordinate with the lavender JSK.
- My OP fits my best friend better, who's much bustier than I am, which means her JSK doesn't fit her as well as it could.
- I'd also be getting about a hundred dollars out of the deal, as the sets aren't complete equivalents and my OP comes with tags, fabric swatch, etc.
- Both me and my friend has the perfect wig for... each other's dresses.
- We'll be living together shortly, so the clothing will be technically kept "within the family".


My Jewelry Jelly black set was hard to come by, I stalked comms for about five months before finding all the proper pieces to it.
- It was my first BIG brand purchase [I'd bought JSKs and such before, but this was my baby]
- I feel that this set is kind of rare, thus making it difficult to want to give up.
- I'm proud to say that I collected the set myself, I'm a big pack rat and memory fiend, and the sentimental value just makes parting with it difficult!

Beyond this issue, I've been torn up trying to decide what to do with my Mint Milky Berry OP.

I had every intention of keeping it and making it one of my default pieces, but the more I look at it the less I'm entertained. I bought it on a whim to twin with my friend's black jsk and haven't felt right about it since. Angelic Pretty brand OPs tend to not fit me properly in the bust, this is made even worse and more noticeable due to the fact that this OP has nothing but an entire back panel of shirring, no corseting, no way to tighten it.

Now, I love this piece as much as I love all my brand pieces, but I can't help but feel it's lacking constantly. I tried offering it for trade to no avail and I'm thinking about selling it, however sentimental value begs I keep it, where as monetary value insists I sell it.

I have loads of dream dresses, and I've worked hard to stay on that list with every purchase I made, this has been the first and last purchase I made that wasn't on my list. I'm beginning to regret it. .__.


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