Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily!Lolita post

I posted this to Daily_Lolita, but I don't often post to my blog with my lolita pictures [Silly me!] so I wanted to share a bit more!

Outfit one!

-Accessories & Headbow: Chocomint + Sanrio + handmade
-Blouse: Anna House
-Skirt: Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse
-Socks: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly
-Shoes: Bodyline

I just received my newest skirt, Dreamy Dollhouse, yesterday, and decided to have a ton of fun just dressing up!

Cinnamoroll bag!

AP Boston Bag + Baby Bunny Bear. Trying to decide between purses for this outfit!

Outfit two!

Headbow, JSK, and socks: Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly
Accessories: Chocomint, Sanrio, + handmade
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: AP replica bag [y/n?]

And a lot of fun with an old favorite wig.

I can't tell you why but this wig makes me feel so much more energetic!

Thanks for lasting through it! ;D If you did!


serepuff said...

Aww! Dreamy Dollhouse and Jewelry Jelly suit you so well! I love that last hairstyle too <3. You're so cute!!

Anonymous said...

owwww you're completely cute ! I love your outfit ! I saw it aswell on LJ <3

SweetsxHolic said...

@serepuff - Thanks so much! ^___^ My blond wig is quickly becoming one of my absolutely favorite wigs. Which is funny because I hated it last year xD

@cruel-reire - Thank you! Yeah, I figured it might seem like I was double post ;-; But D_L gets updated so often and I'm awful at updating this thing that I figured I might as well <3

Anonymous said...

What kinda petticoat are you wearing?

I'm really new to lolita, and I'm buying my first proper lolita skirt off clobba xD

I don't know anything about petticoats..

SweetsxHolic said...

@lei-yukoi- I'm wearing two of these: I'm not too fond of buying really pricey ones, all the ones I've ever had just... deflate and these are only about 22 dollars shipped in the US.

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