Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bodyline Review

Order Process

Order placed - February 9th [Late Night]
Paid - February 9th [Late Night]
Received Tracking Information - February 11th
Shipped - February 12th
Received - February 15th

Let me just say that DHL shipping is the most trackable shipping I've ever encountered. The trip from Tokyo, Japan to Walla Walla, WA was done in 18 steps, which was shown every step of the way~!


My order was... in a trash bag? Ahaha, not really. The material it was wrapped in was definitely thicker than a trash bag, but I expected something like this, as I've seen previous reviews.

The bag was entirely intact but for this tiny bit of tearing, so I chose to cut it open right there!

All the items. Three pairs of shoes, two blouses, and two cardigans. The shoes were packed with hard cardboard and tissue paper, plus little plastic rods to keep everything in proper form and wrapped in tissue paper. The clothes all came in their own seperate Bodyline bags.

 My first purchase was Bodyline's Baby Buckle Replica shoes in Enamel Pink, size 22.5

Despite the fact that I ordered the smallest size, the shoes are still slightly big on me, this is the gap that is in the back of the shoes if I move my toes clear to the front but with the addition of insoles they'll fit just fine.

They're adorable!

The shoes had a bit of glue? On the side of them that I tried to get off with a fingernail but instead I slightly dented the shoe. Ahaha. I'm not worried though, I spent only 19$ on them and I'm horrible at keeping my shoes in good condition.
 Another pair of shoes! They're fabulous and fit a bit tighter than the Baby Buckle replicas, so they're definitely much better.

I love the look of them, my only worry is going to be running around in heels, which I'm less of a fan of than platforms or flats.

If they were miraculously flats, they'd be even cuter to the other shoes!

Pink cardigan!
Unfortunately the cardigans I ordered turned out to be too big on me! It's a huge disappointment, honestly.

 The red one is my favorite, but again. Still too big.

It's exactly the color I wanted, and they're beautiful cardigans but there's just no way to fix the size mistake. I ordered the only size they stock: medium, and while I was within the bottom half of the measurements, it WAS supposed to fit. It didn't.

Lindsey ordered two blouses, a white one.

And a blue one. They're cute, however the collars are just absolutely HUGE. We're going to go about altering them into something a little less...crazy.

So there's my review! 22.5 fits my foot well enough that I'll be buying from Bodyline again, unfortunately the cardigans are just too big, but the blouses fit Lindsey perfectly. I guess it's just hit and miss when it comes to WHAT you order from Bodyline, thankfully ordering from them is cheap and very easy!


Patrick said...

Aw too bad the cardigans didn't fit! I really like the red shoes a lot!~
And you're so lucky to have such small feet! I can tell you it's horrible to find any nice Asian shoes when your feet are 28cm xD;

SweetsxHolic said...

@Patrick: Haha, it's okay. I was really disappointed at first but I'll make due. ;-; It's just so weird to me that even the smallest Asian shoes don't fit me! 28cm though, wow! <3

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