Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clobba Review [POSTIVE]

Clobba Order:

First contacted with order: Saturday, January 15th
Paid: Monday, January 17th
Contacted about an order update: Monday, January 31st
Problem #1: Tuesday, February 1st
Shipped: Friday, February 4th
Problem #2: Monday, February 14th
Received: Friday, February 18th


As you can see, ordering from Clobbaonline tends to take a lot of time, not due to any issues on their part but because they're ordering from Taobao shops who don't always have things premade, nor as as quick to ship things out. Martin, the man who does all the communicating for Clobba, is very kind and fluent in English and very quick to respond to any questions. I must have asked them four different questions between January and February regarding completely irrelevant things.

Unfortunately, Problem #1 came up after I asked for an update on my order: Dream of Lolita had failed to ship out one of the two purses I ordered. I was upset about this as it takes DoL so long to ship things but understanding as it wasn't Clobba's fault and Martin said that they'd send out everything else as it had all come in and would send out the purse seperately as not to hold up the order, and would also pay for the shipping of the second item.

This was very kind and I agreed, as I wasn't in a rush to get my purse [since I placed the order I'd bought about two others and really didn't need it at this point]. However the second issue came up about a week later, DoL was sold out of the purse I wanted and they wouldn't be available within a decent time-frame.

Martin was again apologetic and offered to refund me the amount for the purse, plus the shipping difference and they did very quickly, but I instead decided to purchase a Little Bear Cafe replica. I'd been eying the replica for a while and I was interested in the JSK however I didn't want to 200+ dollars for something I wasn't sure I liked. The difference was only about 30 dollars though, after he refunded me the purse!

A headbow and a jsk for 30 dollars? Absolutely!

Whenever my purchase was received, I was so excited! The shipping was honestly terrible [airmail is heinous, tracking is terrible and thus I didn't know when the order would show up because the tracking system didn't update once from when the item was posted to when it was delivered here in Walla Walla] but the package was beautiful.

Clobba is always terribly careful to make sure everything is very nicely wrapped. And it was, I had to saw through the wrapping with utility scissors just to get inside.

And inside that pretty, nearly air tight polkadotted plastic wrapping was another box that took another five minutes to saw into! Tada! Everything was padded in bubble wrap and wrapped separately with tissue paper.
Everything is gorgeous! I'm very happy with all our purchases. We got three pairs of socks, a Kodona jacket, and a lollipop bag! I haven't taken individual pictures of the items but I'm positive they'll pop up later ;D

All in all dealing with Clobba is always a treat, they're attentive and kind and I love purchasing from them! 


MandyCottonCandy♥ said...

Oh!~ Me tooo!~ I love them :3

SweetsxHolic said...

@Mandy - I know right? They're absolutely brilliant! <3

bubblegothinspired said...

Im so nervous. I ordered a purse from them 2 weeks ago and all the stories i hear is about how long it takes them. -_-" I dont want to have to wait a month for it...(not like it would kill me, but im wayyy excited for it.haha)

SweetsxHolic said...

@bubblegothinspired - What brand purse did you get? Some take longer than others, I've currently been waiting about a month for Dream of Lolita to simply ship out my JSK.

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