Saturday, February 5, 2011

CosplayWigsUSA Review

Alright! I've been absolutely atrocious about updating this with useful information, so here's the review I promised!

I bought the mint wig from CosplayWigsUSA! I originally attempted to purchase it from the site but due to unforseen issues, I had to contact them through their Facebook page and ask to be invoiced via that. They were very kind and quickly responded [within the day] and as Facebook's more of an immediate response sort of site the wig was bought and paid for within the same hour that they responded to me.

January 22nd [Saturday]: Wig was paid for
January 24th [Monday]: Wig was shipped
January 27th [Thursday]: Wig received!

I don't have pictures of the wig in it's original packaging, but it was in a padded envelope that arrived in fine condition, it was wrapped in it's seperate packaging and was packed inside a cardboard ring.

The wig is absolutely adorable, it's thick and beautifully styled.

The bangs are a bit too long but they're very thick and easy to style.

The wig itself is brilliant, the clip-in extensions are lighter than others I've bought but still thick and nicely curled. I'm happy that the wig is styled the way it is because heavier extensions tend to give me a headache when I wear them all day.

I can only rave about this wig so much, so I'll stop here, with one last picture.

Comparison between the wig's color and my Milky Berry's mint waist tie. I bought this wig to see how well it matches to the colorways that Angelic Pretty releases and I'm happy to say it's almost spot on. The wig's a bit more green-tinged [not noticeable unless you're literally an inch away and under harsh light] than the mint of the waist tie, but it's almost a complete match!

That's about it for my wig review. Thanks~!


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