Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Wig + Contacts.

While I'm still extremely excited about my newest purchase [or rather, the newest package I got] I want to do a quick post to share with you all!

I started out as a cosplayer so I'm constantly ordering wigs for different characters and such, and while cosplaying for Sakuracon isn't going to work out like I planned for it to, I had ordered a wig around the end of December in preparation for what I THOUGHT I was doing at the time.

I got that wig today!

It was originally supposed to be for Ryou Bakura from Yuugiou, but I'm going to loli-fy it [teasing, curling, etc] to work it into my wardrobe instead.

This isn't how it's going to stay styled, but a quick way to clean up a rather long wig [that needs cut a bit] enough for pictures!

And a cheesy grin for you folks!

I also received in the mail my brown circle contact lenses from Pinky Paradise. I ordered a pair of blue contact lenses a while back for a cosplay and I just had to have a more realistic looking pair, while they're made for dark eyes [the colors are AMAZINGLY vibrant] the middle of the contact lense [for your pupil] has a habit of just shifting a little bit to allow your natural eye color to show through.

So I decided to try a pair closer to my natural color!

I think they're absolutely fantastic. I got the Barbie Big Size Circle Brown lenses because my other pair are also Barbie and they're the largest that I've seen on the site. I absolutely adore circle lenses!

That's all for my newest purchases. I'll be back soon as I've got a few more in the mail! <3


MisVermilion said...

White hair makes your face so cute,that wig is amazing!

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