Monday, February 14, 2011

Puff Wig + Whipple Review

Last year around this time I bought a wig from Cyperous. I absolutely loved it but the style of it originally was not very flattering on my face. This is the wig I *think* I started out with. After a lot of dancing back and forth between my decision, I finally chose to straighten the wig [heat styling wigs are absolutely amazing, I encourage you to buy heat styling whenever possible!] and tease it.

My first attempt turned out as follows:

Myself modeling for RidiKitty Designs during the Sakuracon '10 Lolita Fashion Show

The wig was... alright. I was pleased with it at the time, but looking back on pictures of it, I'm less convinced of it's beauty. I suppose that happens! ^-^ Once the reality of my wig fiasco hit me I decided to slowly remove the teasing and see what shape the wig was in after wards.

It turned out pretty decently, if I do say so myself! The fibers were a bit battered, exacerbated by the straight iron I used to fix it up, but the result was cute! But due to my supposed "watching my spending", I thought I might once more need to make use of my beautiful blond wig and turn it into a loli-able style. And I turned once more to the teasing.

This time I decided to be much more patient and methodical about my teasing and styling. This was the tutorial I used, third down. And my result was this:

The bangs are now side-swept instead of blunt, which I believe are a lot more flattering to my face.

And the two teased up buns are much tighter and secure. The wig isn't perfect by far just yet, but I'm definitely happier with this outcome than the previous version!

Whipple Review

Whenever I seen that someone had found a deco kit at ToysRUs I was extremely excited. I could not think of anything I wanted more, and as a gift for Valentine's Day Shane decided to buy me the largest kit at the local ToysRUs when we went out this past weekend.

The box itself is very misleading. It's rather huge, bigger than a shoe box, but the amount of pieces that come with [10 different creations!] barely need more than a CD case!

The pieces it come with are cute, but much larger than I expected, especially as I've dealt with *real* deco supplies and those things need tweezers to really do anything with!

The strawberries and cherry that the kit comes with are absolutely adorable, and I do love the macaron pieces! My first attempts with the "Whipple" whip cream was annoying, frustrating, and disappointing. It had seperated in the tube and needed a lot of kneading to mix the ingredients. Unfortunately because the kneading motion had warmed up the whip cream it came out in nearly just white puddles!

The pieces the kit comes with are also large, which means they're HEAVY. Putting whipped cream between the two "cake slices" only results in the whipped cream oozing out because of their weight. Unfortunately there were a lot of issues with this kit. I'm glad I bought only one instead of all three that they had to offer.

The Whipple itself MIGHT be a decent investment because they sell the tubes separately for about 7 dollars. I'm still experimenting with the Whipple and the pieces they come with, but that's my opinion on the matter, for now! Perhaps further attempts will turn out better.


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