Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Such is the flavor of Cotton Candy

Fairy Kei! I have to admit that when I signed up in the contest for HolleyTeaTime.com's model search I wasn't really as deep into Lolita and Fairy-kei as I had been in the past. I have sold so much of my Lolita stuff that I knew I couldn't possibly get a position as strictly a Lolita model, but she was also looking for Fairy-kei models!

I was super excited to get an email saying that I'd made the cut and would be receiving items in the mail!

I'm really in love with the items she sent me. This Carousel necklace being one of them. The necklace is made of thick plastic and the horse itself is extremely detailed for such a small piece!

I also received this Panda ring, a lavender whipped cream dollop ring, and a pink whipped cream dollop ring. The Panda is made of the same sturdy plastic and attached to an adjustable ring base. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm not worried about accidentally snagging it on something and breaking it.

The whipped cream is NOT made of silicone as I've seen other sellers' rings to be made of and I'm very happy for this as the ring doesn't attract dust like silicone does.

 So I happily traipsed around the house in my fairy kei outfit and took a ton of pictures of Holley's stuff. It's all so gorgeous!

The shirt is by HolleyTeaTime, it's absolutely gorgeous and vibrant and the shirt itself is super soft, stretchy, and long! Accessories are by: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, HolleyTeaTime, and Bodyline :D

I'm really in love with the stuff I received and hoping to use this as a quick slide back into the Fairy Kei fashion! I'm hoping to use my blog for more fashion-related posts, however I don't think I'm going to try to stick to one simple fashion. I'm just too all over the place for it!

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