Sunday, January 22, 2012

Re-establishing one's self as a Lolita.

About six months ago I made the decision due to some financial hardships to start parting with Lolita wardrobe. Unfortunately from that moment on it was a downward slide into finally picking clean the bare-bones of my old wardrobe and I didn't once regret it.

Until now.

Lolita used to be a big part of my life, I inspired a few people into becoming Lolitas themselves and building wardrobes and I loved wearing the clothing and being completely done up. I hit a time when I decided I didn't love doing that anymore and I needed the money more than anything so I stopped.

But as I think about moving to New York and watch the friends I've made through Lolita continue on with their meet-ups here in Portland and think of how I will miss them. These are all people I met through Lolita and I think it's an amazing door-way into making more friends upon moving.

That and I miss the fashion desperately the more I allow myself to think about it.

Granted, in my sales downward slide I have realized that to rebuild my wardrobe I'd have to buy a few key pieces I thought I'd never part with and of course make a few big purchases.

I'm in need of petticoats, a plain white blouse, I have a million socks and shoes still, but my accessories have dwindled. And I also need to get myself jsks, ops, and skirts. I guess this is the official start of my 'rebirth' into Lolita, as Shay put it.

This was taken a year ago at the last Sakuracon, I will not be making this upcoming Sakuracon but I'm excited that I might be able to dress like this again in a few months' time.


Meghan said...

You are such an adorable lolita! Seriously, like a doll right off the shelf.

I totally understand though; me and my girlfriends absolutely ADORE the lolita style, and we all like a different style. A few of them like the punkier stuff, a couple like sweet lolita or classic lolita, and I like a blend of classic and gothic. We gawk about it all the time and adore the fashion, as well as draw pictures of it or dream of one day having lolita dresses, but it is a huge financial budget to consider. I don't think I'd ever to be full on lolita, however, I do want to own at least a couple lolita looks to wear here and there. :)

I'm proud of you going back to something you love though; it'll be a really great and fun hobby to bring back. And I'm sure there are discounted lolita stuff out there if you really thrift online. Good luck! :)

The-Technicolor-Phase said...

Thank you for such a sweet reply. I know that for years I just printed out pictures of dresses and made scrap books and dreamed of the day when I could own my own dresses, and when I finally started managing to collect things and dress up on a semi-regular basis, I was in love. I mean, I had a few pieces, not a huge collection, but I loved everything I got and it was entirely worth the amount of work it would take.

I sincerely miss it and the thought of going back to it is exciting and it's an amazing bridge between two strangers, to share in the fashion and the creativity and really just the amount of work that goes into it. Some of my best friends have also been Lolitas or wanted to be Lolitas and reestablishing myself in a new area like New York seems like the best time to restart myself as a Lolita as well.

Meghan said...

Yeah! You're totally right. I think you deserve it to yourself to get back into something that you love to do. Especially when you're making such a huge change in your life. :)

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