Thursday, January 19, 2012

Outfit of the Day

My outfit of the day!

The sweater is my boyfriend's, a Christmas gift I got for him from H&M, shirt is a band t-shirt for Paramore, tights from Mossimo, and the boots from Charlotte Russe.

 It's what I spent my day cooking in!


Meghan said...

Super cute look! :D Love the pairing of green and red, and the bold colors. Those boots are FABULOUS too.

The-Technicolor-Phase said...

Thank you! I'm usually not a fan of bold colors but pairing them with black makes me feel a little less Christmas-y, what with the red and green. :] Those boots are the comfiest heels I own!

Meghan said...

I understand that! Sometimes I never pair red and green together for those reasons, haha, but you're right the black does take away from the Christmas feel :)

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