Thursday, July 5, 2012

All I ever wanted was the world. [Closet Post]

I finally decided to sort out my accessories! Most of this was brought about by the fact that I have been buying way too many new accessories since I've been working at the local Mall. I have found a very bad habit.

I found tutorials to turn old picture frames into accessories holders, which gave me the chance to be all creative and stuff since I haven't gotten the chance to be in ages.

New necklaces!

I am also a bracelet fiend. Stones and charms are a big thing for me, and pretty much anything with 'karma' on it-- and religious imagery, which is apparently really popular these days.

My storage for my bracelets! I really have no better idea as to what to do with bracelets and how to store them short of a tangled pile in a shoe box, haha.


My new purse-- my old vintage one was falling apart at the seams-- literally. And I would really like for it to last longer since I won't be using it every day now that I have a second purse!

And a purchase I have never made in the past... I found these for $12 and my size! Which is not something that's easy to find at a size 5 foot, haha.

All found second hand except for the jacket from Wet Seal which was on sale for $5!

And my biggest brand weakness, H&M, I love their dresses because they actually fit my shape better than any other clothing brand I've ever purchased from! $20 for this Sparrow dress.

And the very last item from Claire's Boutique! All in all I spent about $150 dollars on everything-- inclusive of 99% of the jewelry at top. Claire's is currently running their 10 for $10 sale, everything originally priced under $10 is now only a dollar!

Alright, I'll stop harassing everyone with a ton of images!