Sunday, February 12, 2012

To The Next Room [Craft Sales]

Have I mentioned whenever I have nothing to do, I go completely stir crazy and proceed to deco/sew/knit/cook my way into oblivion?

I have spent my last week or so doing nothing but stabbing my fingers with needles and breaking nails on upholstery thread. All in the best fun though!

My first set of creations was these. I altered a few steps of my old fluffy star tutorial and started working with other shapes, as you can see here. Bats, bones, all of the cliche creepy-cute things that are the 'next big thing' in cute clothing.

And then I made wrist cuffs. Which I am absolutely in love with. The local craft store has beautiful lace that I've been eying since I moved to Portland so I decided I absolutely needed to make myself some wrist cuffs!

I want to make another pair with pink and white and star charms that I just bought to match some of my more crazy-sweet coordinates that I have planned in my head.

And of course, a post like this wouldn't be complete with my latest, greatest creation, I'm extremely proud at how professional these turned out:

Foxtails! I am absolutely in love with them. From top to bottom I can't find a thing I'd change on their making and I'm really proud to have figured out a method to make them myself. The market isn't too large for pastel-colored fox tails, nor for ones that aren't overpriced.

The picture of them flat doesn't completely do them justice, I think. So here's a few more.

As with most of my creations they're all available for sale. The fuzzy brooches are about $8 a piece and the fox tails start at $13 dollars a piece, both of those prices include shipping within the United States.


kitsunebi said...

ok i have a few questions about your tails. ive always been baffled on how to make these and would love it if you could tell me what/where you got your materials, also the stars you have on the chains (so friggin cute!) no worries about idea theft, im more into doing cutesy gothic lolita things. im doing an artist table in a few months and im just trying to expand my product horizons. thanks!

Mela said...

Are the fox tail still available?, I'm from Italy , how much it will be whit shipping fees?
How many pieces do you have? Thanks a lot


I'd love to order one of those tails!!!!

Magical Ice Cream said...

amazing stuff!!! <3 I love foxtails too and want so hard one too ^^

Sann said...

So cute :3 i love the fox tails ^^ i really want a pastel pink one one day but i never see anyone selling them sadly :( If you ever got a pink one for sale tell me please ^__^

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