Thursday, January 13, 2011

AP's Miracle Candy Skirt V. SA's Dreamy Dollhouse Skirt, Also Bag Collection

I have already posted a comparison post for the Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy skirt and Sweet Angel's Replica Dreamy Dollhouse skirt, but I finally got around to getting pictures of everything so I'll just do short summaries of each one.

Skirt length versus skirt length. Miracle Candy's length [via my own measuring tape] is 51 CM from waist band to the end of the striped frill. Dreamy Dollhouse's length is 48 CM from waist to the end of the lace [which personally I don't count DDH's lace as "length" as it is sheer, but otherwise it would be 45.5 CM. On Hello Lace Miracle Candy is listed as 48 CM, [Brand] Dreamy Dollhouse is 46 CM.

Lace comparison. I just love the lace on Miracle Candy, if you can't tell on the pictures, it's candy and star lace. I'm not quite sure what is on the lace of the Dreamy Dollhouse skirt.

Waist tie comparisons, Miracle Candy's are detachable, Dreamy Dollhouse's are going nowhere.

The waist bow on both skirts are detachable, however, if you notice on the top right corner of the Dreamy Dollhouse bow, the threads of the rickrack aren't completely folded over and trimmed, however it's very easy to fix.

The tag and inside of the Dreamy Dollhouse skirt, the same closures, zipper and hook and eye. Skirt is fully lined and has tulle.

And the print. I would really like to get my hands on the Brand of this skirt to run a true replica vs. Brand comparison!

And my Angelic Pretty Boston Bag arrived in the mail today! Much sooner than expected!

The details for it are absolutely adorable and the bag is definitely bigger than I expected!
It'll hold everything I need to cart around when I'm dressed up, since my other bags aren't the right size at all!

The zipper pull is an adorable little bow, and the bag is completely covered in cute little hearts! I just love it, it's so cute!

I'm really pleased with the color as well. The picture that the seller used was a little bit darker than the purse actually turned out to be so I'm really happy with that!

My bag collection! My Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Usakumya tinytiny bag [barely holds a chapstick], my Sanrio Cinnamoroll backpack [holds my wallet and a cellphone], my Replica Baby Bag [there's a lot of love lost between me and this bag. I ordered it in white and received it in very-much off-white], my new Angelic Pretty Boston Bag, and an amazing gift from a friend, my Sweet! Tote Bag [which holds a ton of stuff because it's HUGE].

We are still planning on doing a Clobba order, hopefully tomorrow, and I'll be more than happy to post to see how that goes!


Beauty meets Kawaii said...

Beautiful skirts! Great post about the comparisons ^_^

Kisses, Melanie

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

You have so much cute stuff! :3
I want it all! Haha, I especially like your Cinnamoroll bag!

SweetsxHolic said...

@Melanie-- Thanks so much!

@Audrey-- <3 Thank you! I love my Cinnamoroll bag, even though it barely holds what I need half the time, haha!

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