Monday, January 3, 2011

Building a Kodona Wardobe [Or the easiest way to go into debt]

My Milky Berry OP arrived at the post office today, unfortunately I wasn't home in time to get the package, which was really disappointing to say the least. However I've scored good news in return for a bit of bad: I won an adorable ice cream charm from the Sweet&Tiny contest! I'm so excited about it~! I am also selling off my Pup in the Cup JSK to Jenny!

Since I can't complain too much, I've decided to spend a bit of time assembling a wish list of clothing for Shane's Kodona wardrobe! It's really easy to find off-brand items but I can't help but fall in love with nearly all of the Alice in the Pirates male clothing every time I give it a look! Honestly, I'm not sure why I can spend so much on a dress, but then bite my tongue at the thought of spending so much on a Kodona shirt or vest or jacket.

HMHM has a few pieces that I'd be willing to get through ClobbaOnline that are decently priced and seem well made. The issue with this blouse is that the cravat ruffle isn't detachable and Shane is notoriously picky about his clothing. If he doesn't like the ruffle and it doesn't come off, he won't wear it.

The vest is beautifully made, however before I place any orders to Clobba or anywhere else I want to check the local Antique Mall for items that are capable of being Kodona-ized!

THIS Infanta jacket however, I'm falling all over myself to get him. We bought an Infanta jacket last year of similar design and I've been nothing but completely pleased with it since we received it. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Fan+Friend here has a more childish look that I'm torn about, I'm not sure how I feel about this shirt simply because it does look so young and from what Shane has worn, I'm uncertain on how it'd look on him. Granted, we are planning on adding a second Kodona to our group, the tiniest little girl I've ever seen, she's about an inch taller than me, but only a portion of my width. She's ridiculously tiny.

A KidsYoYo blouse which I bite my tongue at a bit, I love the construction but unfortunately unless I go through TaobaoSpree [whom I've never ordered from] I can only order this blouse through Qutieland and I've dealt with issues concerning them in the past.

Fan+Friend also has a few pairs of shorts that would be acceptable, I suppose. However I'm not a big fan of textured materials [things like velvet, velveteen, corduroy, etc] and I haven't ordered from them in over five years!

Another Fan+Friend pair that I'm on the fence about. There's two styles of shorts I'd like to see Shane in. A pair of shorter almost knee-length shorts, and a pair of past-the-knee ones. However the waist on this just looks odd to me. Perhaps because it's more boxy to fit the male form?

And then my Kodona cocaine: Alice and the Pirates

I have been in love with this coordinate for ages. I love the embroidery on the lapel and on the shorts! The construction looks absolutely breath-taking [it should be for 150 dollars a piece!]

Pretty much you can put me in front of any Alice in the Pirates piece and I will bounce between crying in sheer pleasure at the site, or dying out of necessity to OWN it.

The more I look at these pictures, the more I want to say "Oh f-that" and just buy these pieces! We've put in orders to Baby before with no issue what so ever... perhaps, perhaps. I'll have to talk to Shane about this one. He just winces at the price every time, even though he'll gladly wave me on if I show him a dress worth a few hundred dollars.

It'll just take some work! Both building the wardrobe, talking him into buying from AatPs and overtime at work itself to simply get these items.


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