Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Time No See [Chocomint LPs, Orders, etc]

I feel a bit guilty because I haven't kept up with this in the past week as much as I wanted to! But beyond my guilt streak... I received my Chocomint LP a few days ago and I wanted to share!!

 I placed my order for Chocomint's LPs on Thursday of last week, within a day I'd received my shipping email to confirm that they could charge my account. The weekend passed and I received an email on Sunday, the Chocomint staff apologized for "taking so long to get back to me" and let me know that my items had already been shipped and provided me with a tracking number.

Before I even received my items, I must say, I was absolutely shocked by how considerate and kind the Chocomint staff was! They were incredibly quick about shipping, providing me with whatever information I needed, and even took the time to mark my package down as second-hand personal accessories, and mark the value of my package down by half! All things that never occurred to me to ask of them.

My package was received within a week of placing the order [I was honestly surprised at how quickly it came!] and I was absolutely ecstatic to have received it. Everything was packed in a large cardboard box, sealed completely, and each individual LP was wrapped in bubble wrap.

I have some after-opening pictures, as I was too excited to take pictures when I ripped into the packaging, haha.

The large sweets LP came with a ton of stuff, and I'm not quite sure if I collected it all for this photo [as I sorted everything to their proper places before feeling guilty about not posting]. The yellow thing in the middle is a macaroon, it's an interesting little thing. I also have a donut keychain that's been connected to my phone already.

Both LPs came in cute little drawstring-ribbon bags that I absolutely love and use for storage for my other Lolita items.

The candle LP was a bit of a disappointment to me, I really do love the candles but I was hoping that some of them would be small enough to turn into other accessories or make them into more useful items, but the candles are a lot larger than I thought! --Which isn't a reason to complain honestly!

My LP bag filled with my favorite sweet accessories, and the pouch that came with the LP that currently resides in my purse <3

I really do love everything that I got, and I wish Chocomint would randomly stock LPs constantly! I am so much in love with Chocomint accessories and my lucky pack was just enough to rekindle the fire.

I also placed an order through Clobbaonline for a few items that I'm waiting for them to receive at their shop before they can send out to me. I hope I'm a bit more time-sensible when it comes to posting here! Also, as a late birthday gift, my mother bought me a pair of circle contacts and a mint wig from CosplayWigsUSA.

Unfortunately this isn't my dream wig from CosplayWigsUSA but I do plan on buying more than just this one! I can't wait to get this one and compare it to my mint OP!

For now, that's all I can manage to do! Hope you enjoy.


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