Sunday, January 2, 2011

Outfit Completion Goals

So, as I fall in love with more and more prints, I have to backpedal and remind myself to wait until the dresses I have in the mail arrive before I start buying more stuff, then I need to remind myself to finish accessorizing said dresses before blowing all my money on a new one.

It's really a dangerous cycle.

I am waiting mostly for this OP, which should be in the mail and here tomorrow, which I am SUPER excited about! Coordination with it should be relatively easy, though I am thinking about getting a red cardigan and red tea party shoes to match.

Cardigan/bolero choices:

Angelic Pretty's Present Ribbon Cardigan
Angelic Pretty's Dolly Ribbon Knit Bolero

Bodyline knit bolero

These three appeal to me the most, however I'm more apt to probably get the Bodyline bolero because I'm also looking at shoes [the reviews seem good for Bodyline shoes] and a matching strawberry bag to Lindsey's.

I think this bag is absolutely adorable and for 12 dollars the construction is pretty decent, as I've gotten to give Lindsey's a nice look over before purchasing my own.

I would really like some colored shoes [granted I'm not sure how sound of mind I am, thinking about getting red shoes since I hardly have any other red in my wardrobe, but they are pretty cute!] and these ones are cheap at 19 dollars, and if I do a decent order from Bodyline the 20 shipping will be a steal in comparison to just ordering the purse and paying 32 for it alone!

I have a pair of Secret Shop socks I used to wear with my Pup in the Cup JSK that I think MIGHT possibly match Milky Berry enough that I won't have to buy a new pair of socks.

Hopefully that all comes together well enough that I don't have to spend a ton more money on assembling that outfit.

As for my other item that I'm still waiting on

I am thinking about pairing it with a blue Baby, the stars shine bright knit that I bought on a whim a couple of months back. Unfortunately I can't find a picture of it to share though.

I would like to get a pair of these Secret Shop socks

And if the waist bow is detachable I might make it into a headbow, if not I'll see just how sturdy the construction is, I only spent 100 dollars on the skirt so I'm not too terribly worried about it's resale value.

I'd also like to get my hands on a Dream of Lolita replica purse like this;

 Dream of Lolita terrifies me in general, there haven't been too many good reviews on the replica dresses they're producing, but after checking the review on the purses and what not, it seems like they're decent enough quality. And in all honesty there's three things that I don't find worth spending the money on and that's purses, socks, and shoes.

I always manage to trip or scuff up my shoes. My ruffled rocking horse shoes have a nice set of dents in one toe from improper packing and the white 'leather' is kind of dinged up. I can barely warrant spending more than fifty dollars on shoes that I'm horrible at keeping in decent condition.

Purses always seem to get dirty, whether it be because I'm sitting them on a bench or a floor when I do something, or from throwing stuff in and out of them like dirty money, keys, and other things. I just can't bear to buy brand for most of these items [UNLESS they're from lucky packs] and spend 100 to 200 dollars on them and ruin them in a go.

And as for my socks? Well, no one really warned me that my ruffled rocking horse shoes' An-Tai-Na label would color the bottoms of them green... thankfully I noticed it quickly enough that I was able to wash out my Cherry Berry Bunny socks, but it was just a nice warning to myself not to really go for brand for any of these things. I hate ruining things that I spend a ton of money on and unfortunately I am just too clumsy or senseless to keep them in pristine condition.

As for my next purchases after I finish off coordinating my new ones? Someone posted this skirt on the sales community and I thought it was absolutely adorable!
Angelic Pretty's Pastel Ala Mode skirt  

I swear this is going to kill me <3 But I might as well build up my Lolita wardrobe before I move again.


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