Monday, January 3, 2011

The Cast and Crew

I've realized that I've done a few posts that introduce my local lolita group / friends briefly, but I thought perhaps it'd be nice to say a bit more about them and myself!

Starting with your SweetsxHolic blog author, myself:

My name's Kirsty, I generally go by the tag Sweets or SweetsxHolic because that's just who I am, I love dressing up because I love the way Lolita looks on me. I love my wigs almost as much as I love my dresses.

A lot of the pictures I'm going to be putting up are of old Lolita Photoshoots that my local lolita buddies [or local friends who I'm enticing into becoming lolitas] and I threw together, and a lot of the photoshoots contain the same clothes as much of it as my own personal wardrobe that just gets whored around, haha!

I wear glasses normally however I do attempt to go without them and wear prescription circle lenses when I'm in Lolita, sometimes it's just too much work though to do all the falsies and contacts and what not.

This is Lindsey, she's my best friend and the first one to take the reins and build her own Lolita wardrobe. I'm so proud of her, my little Lolita protege!

She's probably one of the few people I hang out with that can bounce from Sweet to Classic to Gothic lolita and look equally good in all of them!

Next to Lindsey in this picture is our friend Kayla, who's the newest inductee into the Lolita ways. She's coming with us to our upcoming local convention; Sakuracon and so we've decided to dress her up in Lolita as well. She's in the process of buying one or two dresses of her own for the convention!

And this is my baby, Shane, we've been together for 3 years and I can't resist showing him off. At first it was me forcing him into Kodona [like this fashion show here] but now he enjoys dressing up as much as I do and we're working on building him a fuller Kodona wardrobe. It's really exciting but incredibly difficult!

He's an absolute sweetheart who tries to buy me things just as often as I'm screaming at him about something that would suit him that's popped up on the comm. We work, we just do.

And then there's our friend Jenny, who is in the process of buying Pup in the Cup off of me to start building her own wardrobe.

Whenever I look back at the conventions we've all gone to together and the meet-ups and the lets'-just-dress-up moments, I can't help but get more excited for all of these people in my life to be decked out in as many frills as I wear. I guess I have my own pack, haha! I love them dearly~!


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