Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crafts and Comparisons.

When my Milky Berry OP arrived in the mail I was very interested in how the OP differed from my friend's JSK, and then I figured well... perhaps there are other people who're interested in the differences too! I also decided to do a detail post of my Jewelry Jelly OP as I was comparing the Milky Berry OP to my other newest purchase.

Comparison start! Here are the three dresses. Milky Berry in mint is incredibly vibrant!

The biggest difference I noticed between the two Milky Berry dresses is this: The JSK has a cute bit of lace threaded with ribbon that the hem lace is stitched to. The OP's hem lace is directly stitched to a folded over bit of fabric.

The bodice of the JSK is detailed with the same lace-ribbon-lace sandwich that the hem has.

Let me tell you first that photographing the mint is very difficult because the brightness of the print really washes out pictures. I have adjusted lighting and color the best I can so the color isn't always right for the mint pictures. Anyways, here is the bodice of the OP, the top of it has the same lace-ribbon-lace sandwich that the JSK has above, and a very cute set of three different rows of lace running down the center of the bodice with four little bows [I am very pleased these cannot come untied, I am awful at tying bows]

Here's the picture a little bit darker to show details.

The back of the JSK has only a bit of shirring but it fits to my friend's full C bust perfectly. The shirring is also bordered by three laces that tie into separate bows, which is a bit of a pain being the imperfect bow tie-r that I am.

The back of the OP is just a ton of shirring, which I was surprised by until I realized it was missing a small detail. The OP has no zipper opening, meaning you have to drag the dress up and over your head to get it off, which is actually really difficult especially being such a light print. I wear make-up while in lolita and it's quite the danger trying to get in and out of this without rubbing your face along it. I think that was the biggest disappointment.

Here is the zipper to the JSK, a simple little invisible zipper and a hook and eye closure at the top. The zipper tends to stick slightly at the waist/skirt seam but otherwise is just fine!

The waist ties of the JSK are adorably detailed. The lace is cute little strawberries wearing headbows and bows.
The OP has the same lace on it's waist ties, however it lacks the cute ribbon-lace that it lacks on it's hem.

The prints are gorgeous and equally vibrant, the red just pops against the black JSK.

The mint against the red is crazily vibrant as well. I am pleased with my purchase despite it's slight differences. Both these dresses fit my friend's waist and bust well however I wouldn't recommend them on much larger busts, the JSK would be the most likely to stretch further despite the fact that it has less shirring.

On to the Jewelry Jelly OP

Whenever I noticed all the differences on my mint OP, I decided to give my black one a once-over to see if perhaps Jewelry Jelly wasn't as detailed as I thought.

In all honesty, I cannot say I've ever been disappointed in the details that Jewelry Jelly has, this is the bodice, it's got a double layer of lace.

The sleeves are decked out in bows, detailed lace, this OP has neck ties and shoulder straps which are both removable in addition to the sleeve.

The lace on the sleeves and waist ties have stars.

The lace on the bodice and hem has dots and the Jelly dessert that the print contains.

The end of the neck ties have star charms that match the headbow which has a matching charm.

The waist ties have a little less detailing than the Milky Berry JSK, but the lace is beautiful!

The back of this OP has quite a panel of shirring, the corsetting on the sides is hidden by a bit of scalloped material.

All in all, details of this OP never cease to completely please me!
And here's the adorable print <3!

And since my Title promises that I show off my crafts, I'll treat you to that as well!

I made puffy stars! Forgive the quickly thrown together bit. The stars are actually on pins because I was out of alligator clips, but I wanted to show them off!

It's incredibly difficult to get a proper close up of these because they're so lightly colored, but this is the proper color of them, even though the details are fuzzy.

And here's a detail picture.

I think this one is my favorite, they both have bows, pearls, and rhinestones, as well as puff balls that I had left over from an old craft project.

I have three more that I still need to decorate as well as a few more smaller ones I intend to make, but these two are the fattest, cutest ones I've made thus far!

Thanks guys~!


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