Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looky What I Got! [Just a quick update]

My baby arrived today! Or rather, it arrived at the post office yesterday but due to the fact that it was delivery confirmed and insured for 200+ dollars, I had to sign a few papers and write a few novels to get it! It was packed in a box I wasn't aware anything bigger than a hairbrush could fit in, but I don't mind at all!

Whenever the lady gave it to me I was almost sure that I was getting a package that wasn't my dress! I had to take it to work as I picked it up on the way but being a slow little place that it is I was able to open it and check on the status of my dress [I joked that perhaps the girl had cut it to ribbons in retribution of me getting such a good deal on it and sent it that way].

It is as beautiful as I dared hope! I really do like it. There's a few differences between the JSK and the OP that I was interested to see, but nothing that took away from this lovely piece that I'm ecstatic to have gracing my closet! And Miracle Candy is on it's way!


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