Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweets Candy ♥

So it arrived today! Shane was a dear and dutifully sat in the sitting room for an hour this morning waiting to catch the postman while I was busy at work, then he hand delivered me the package on his own way to work! He's such a sweetheart.

I think I might have stalked the shipping for this skirt more than I stalked my Milky Berry purchase, perhaps because I'd already seen all the cute little details on Milky Berry via Lindsey's JSK and thus not too much was a surprise when I received it.

Unfortunately I won't be updating with actual pictures of it for this entry because I'm at the coffee shop where I work and without my camera. 

But this skirt is absolutely adorable and I'm entirely pleased with it! A hundred dollars for it? Oh Hells yes! The little waist bow IS detachable which saves me the worry of ripping it off in favor of turning it into a hair accessory.

On to other news: Lindsey and I decided to go halves on an Angelic Pretty  Dreamy Doll House skirt replica.

This is our first attempt at buying replicas and I'm not sure how good the quality will be but I'm very curious and at twenty dollars each for it, it's not a total loss if I don't like it. I do, however, absolutely love the DDH print, so I'm excited for that!

I think that finally the buying spree is over for the time being though, at least until the 16th when Shane and I get paid again! And once that happens we'll be doing a group order [Shane, myself, and Lindsey] and possibly some of our local lolitas depending on their interest and ordering a few items for Shane's kodona wardrobe and other items! I'm so excited simply for this time of the year and I'm planning on doing orders from Bodyline, Closet Child, ClobbaOnline, and Fan+Friend, so stay tuned for tons of reviews!


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