Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Personal Opinion

This is my personal opinion, I do not dislike those who do not share my opinion, I simply ask the same of you.

I received my Sweet Angel Dreamy Doll House replica today! It arrived in an Angelic Pretty bag [honestly I may have been more excited for the bag!] that I painstakingly peeled the tape off of once I realized that the package was indeed simply a brand bag. 

Upon opening it, I was pleased to see that the print is vibrant and very adorable, and I do indeed love it, however I was surprised by how short the skirt is. Generally speaking I am a very poofy person. I like my Lolita clothing to be poofed to the max via as many petticoats as can literally fit under the skirt. Which makes a skirt much shorter than if I were to wear it without a petticoat at all.

This skirt is about an inch and a half shorter than my Miracle Candy skirt, and it doesn't sit on my true waist at that, rather about halfway between my hip bones and my true waist, which while it's a bit more comfortable, threw me off quite a bit.

The lace is... alright. Not too terribly course, shiny, or tacky, but isn't on level with the lace that adorns my Brand clothing. The skirt itself is a lighter fabric than expected, akin almost to the cotton of a work shirt. It could use an ironing and a starching because this lighter fabric wrinkles very easily, it isn't see through though and has an apparel-lining inner skirt as well as a bit of [extremely rough] tulle at the bottom that doesn't do much to puff up the skirt.

The waist ties aren't detachable, but with the way that Brand ties rip off with the wrong tug, I'm okay with that, and I hardly have a reason to remove them in the first place. 

My biggest issue, I think, is this. Most of my skirts will do a shape like this or this, but the lace at the bottom of this skirt is too tight to permit the skirt to really puff properly, so from waist band to almost-end it's a nice round shape, then it pulls it at almost a corner where the lace is.

Maybe I'm being picky, after-all I spent only thirty dollars on this skirt, however I'm not sure how I feel about replicas all in all. I got what I paid for, yes, but I've spoiled myself rotten with Brand that I'm honestly not sure how I feel about replicas and non-brand JSKs, OPs, and skirts.


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