Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's so sweet, I could choke on it.

After receiving some unexpected money for Christmas from my family members, I found myself lured onto the sales community once more. I was being such a good girl, saving money to put away for savings for things like moving and attending convention in the upcoming months... and then my best friend got her hands on the Milky Berry JSK in black, and it was so adorably cute that I wanted to strangle myself with my Jewelry Jelly waist ties.

Which, by the way, I managed to rip one off due to some pure stupidity, but thankfully I am handy with a needle and thread!

This is Lindsey in her new JSK and our friend Kayla in my Marie Antoinette JSK
 For once I played photographer to get a few cute pictures of the two of them! The more brand I come to own, the more I encourage the people around me to wear and buy it as well!

As I was saying, though... she got Milky Berry for herself for Christmas and I just couldn't help giving the sales community a few speculative glances. And I swear, as Fate deems it necessary, every time I look at the sales communities I find at least one thing that I desperately want. In fact, only a few days after she received her JSK and I started haunting post after post, an auction came up for Milky Berry again...

Angelic Pretty's very gorgeous Mint Milky Berry OP

The auction came up at a starting bid of $250 dollars for this completely UNOPENED OP, tags and fabric swatch still attached, and I consoled myself, unwilling to hope that it'd stay at such a low price as the two day auction came to an end. I stalked the post for hours before the deadline and only one person showed interest- only to find the dress would not fit her. Imagine my excitement!

Dreadfully long story cut short: I won the auction on December 30th, and the item in question was hopefully sent out on December 31st!

I already own socks and shoes that work perfectly with this colorway, however I'm bit torn up about wigs. I planned on getting one or two new ones but I have yet to fully get rid of either my The Cutest Dog / Most Delicious Frappe JSK [which I'm planning on selling to a friend decently cheap] and my Rose Melody JSK [worst investment ever!] So I'm unfortunately waiting until at least one of those transactions finish.

However that does not stop me from looking! The dear, dear people at Cosplay Wigs USA are selling two gorgeous wigs at a discount for the New Years:

Mint <3

This beauty that I worry may be too matchy-matchy with a mint OP [or possibly not match at all!]

Blue x Pink
And this incredibly gorgeous [but unfortunately very popular] blue and pink mixed wig. Honestly, if I got either of them I know at the very least match my Jewelry Jelly OP, however I'm just not sure which route to go with Milky Berry, or if I should perhaps just let it get here first and test it with the wigs I already have!

Most likely that last option, it seems the least encouraged by crazed-excitement.

In the meanwhile however Shane, sweet guy that he is, offered to buy me an Angelic Lucky pack... unfortunately that was a no-go, as even though I was online at 12:00AM to purchase it, in the time it took me to paste my Credit Card number into the account information section someone had already bought the pack out from under me.

Thankfully I was much less disappointed by this than I expected, and have in fact found a replacement for the pack I can't get in the form of another dream item!

Angelic Pretty's Miracle Candy Skirt
I've been stalking the girl selling this skirt on the communities for longer than the Milky Berry fiasco and she has yet to sell it, so I finally made an offer on it. It's about fifty dollars less than what I would have spent on the lucky pack that I didn't really need and it's on my dream list of items I wish to procure the most!

I'm just so pleased with the way things are going at the moment, between selling off the items I don't need and the possibility of getting a skirt that allows me to make use of a gorgeous knitted cutsew I bought on a whim ages ago... I'm so ecstatic!

I would love to get rid of my Baby replica bag [it's off-white and suits nothing I own!] and the matching parasol, as well as the extra pairs of socks I own. However I'd like to replace those things with a proper brand parasol and bag, socks that match my Miracle Candy skirt, and more headbows and what not!

It's a never ending goal to perfect the lolita wardobe, I guess. <3 One that I enjoy immensely!


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